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What to Expect in a Bed Bug Treatment

September 28, 2017 Bed Bugs  0

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bed bug treatmentEach year, thousands of families are forced to deal with bed bugs. They can be contracted from various areas. Hotels, buses, movie theaters and even private homes. When bed bugs do infest a house, the homeowner should always tackle the problem immediately by calling an exterminator. These trained personnel will explain to the individual how to properly prepare the home as well as the bed bug treatment process.

Call a Pest Control Service That You Can Trust

Find a quality pest control service in your area. During the initial consultation, the individual will survey the house and establish a game plan for attacking the infestation. In many cases, the homeowner will notice bed bugs in a certain area, such as in a bedroom. However, these bugs travel fast and can quickly spread throughout the house. The individual should hire trained personnel who can determine the extent of the problem throughout the house.

Generally, there are two different types of procedures for exterminating bedbugs: using pesticides or a heating treatment. During the consultation period, the exterminator will explain the advantages and disadvantages of both procedures. Using pesticides can be cheaper, but many have found that heating is more successful because it can kill the live bed bugs as well as the eggs.

Handling Your Personal Items

Before starting the extermination process, the pest control service may advise the individual to discard certain items. He may suggest that the individual throw away the mattresses which can harbor bed bugs. In addition, the homeowner or renter should place all his or her clothing in properly sealed bags or containers.

The pest control company may suggest that the resident wash and dry all clothing. This will most likely kill any bed bugs. With furniture, many exterminators suggest that individuals place everything outdoors under the sun to kill any remaining bed bugs. In many cases, the resident does not have to throw away furniture. But it does need to be heated to kill the majority of the bed bugs.

After the Bed Bug Treatment

After the bed bug treatment, can pest control companies guarantee that the critters will not return? In most cases, they will not make that guarantee. Bed bugs travel quickly and can barricade themselves in tiny crevices throughout the house. However, if the homeowner hires a quality pest control company, then there will be a lesser chance that the bed bugs will return.

In certain instances, a home may need to undergo multiple treatments to eradicate all the bed bugs. In the following months, the resident should monitor and inspect all rooms to make sure they have not returned.

Bed bugs, which can feed on human blood, can pose a health risk for any family. The bites of these bugs can cause serious skin irritations as well as other discomforts. Once a resident sees a bed bug infestation, hiring a reputable exterminator should be the first action item.

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