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Commercial Weed Control

Commercial Weed Control Services

About Our Services

We offer a number of commercial weed control services. From HOA and Industrial Sites, to Forest and Right of Way, we kill weeds in just about any scenario.  

Our skilled technicians will carefully assess your situation and then develop a plan that will keep your property weed free. Whether your business requires a treatment on 1, or 100 acres, you will be satisfied with our techs’ execution. Let us customize a plan for you!

Custom Weed & Pest Control has been serving the valley and the surrounding areas for over 25 years, and we look forward to working with you.



What We Do

Home Owners Association (HOA) Weed Control

From large master-planned communities, to small properties, we have the capacity to handle everything in a timely manner. Whether there are weeds, pests, or disease in your turf or landscape rock areas, we can create a specific program to treat each area and we’ll partner with your landscape contractor to keep your property weed, pest, and disease free. We feature low-use products for maximum impact on weeds and pests with minimal impact on the environment.

Commercial Weed Control for Small to Large Properties

We know how important image is for your commercial property. From a small office complex, to a large mall, we can keep it weed free. We also create a flexible schedule to work around your busy business hours.

Open Lots & Vacant Fields

Vacant lots can fill rapidly with ugly weeds, which results in citations and fines. We can knock down* and clean-up existing weeds, apply pre-emergents to prevent new growth and/or apply post-emergents to kill existing growth. We can help you get into, or keep in compliance with your local jurisdiction.

*Some restrictions may apply

Industrial Site Bare Ground Program

We can build a bare ground program to keep city compliance enforcers off your back. Our knowledgeable commercial weed control staff, will assess the needs of your individual industrial site, and develop a plan to help keep your site weed free.

Hospitals & Care Facilities

We have a lot of experience with sensitive sites and can work around the busy hours to be minimally intrusive to the patients and guests.


Utilities can require specific products to use to create bare ground, or provide quality weed management in landscaped areas. We have the expertise to apply the right products for the job and feature low-use products for maximum impact on weeds yet with minimal impact on the environment.

Right of Way

Want to keep the beautiful native Arizona plants in your right of way, but get rid of the cluttering weeds?  We can build a program to keep your native plants looking good and free of invading weeds.


From bark beetle applications, to basal stump treatments to clear an area out of unwanted trees and pests, we have the expertise to help manage sensitive sites.

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