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Must-Have Gardening Tools

Must-Have Gardening Tools

March 5, 2018 Gardening Tools  0

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Must-Have Gardening Tools

You can use a thousand gardening tools in your garden, but it’s like, “How many different kinds of pots do you need to boil an egg?”

To some varying degree, you can tackle several projects in your garden with five tools. Gardening is not as hard as people think.

If anything, the sheer fear of not having a “green thumb” sabotages many attempts.

Consider these gardening tools to have in your arsenal:


It can seem counterintuitive that cutting something would help it to grow back, but that’s exactly what pruners do while beautifying your yard. Pruners help to remove dead vegetation, clean up your yard and provide vital nitrogen by introducing cuttings back into the soil.

You will want to make sure they are sharp to prevent pain in your hands, which is one of the most common concerns with gardening. Be sure that your pruners are easy to use. If you’re still having some discomfort while using your tools, opt for compression gloves.


For heavy-duty pruning, it’s worth it to invest in a pair of loppers. The long handles make it easy to cut through shrubbery, bushes and smaller tree limbs.

People often think of redoing their landscaping to give their yards a cleaner and simpler appearance when loppers can achieve the same result. There are many other benefits as well.

After removing tree limbs and such, you can use the clippings to make mulch. You will have less to water in your yard because there is less vegetation, overall. Be aware that cutting off too much, too soon, can introduce your plants to damage and disease.


There is some confusion on hand shovels, trowels, spades and long-handled shovels. It doesn’t help matters much that there is some overlap in design. It’s kind of like, “Is this ‘dressing’ or ‘stuffing’?” “It doesn’t matter.

I just want to eat it.” Whatever name you’re used to calling your garden tools, you will want something to dig and cut with. Depending upon a few factors, you will want one tool over the other. Trowels are what people typically call “spades”.

These are gardening tools that can be useful for cutting into harder types of soil or soil that is root-bound. Another type of hand tool, often referred to as a “hand shovel” is a little wider and is most suitable for planting small plants in softer soil.

Then, there are long-handled shovels and spades for digging, cutting or shaping larger holes. If you’re going to plant a lot of young trees, it might be worth your while to get a post hole digger.


Weeds are pesky little rascals that can be incredibly difficult to remove. This is because weeds have some of the deepest roots.

You may have noticed that they keep coming back, and they oddly grow better than your plants. This is mostly due to their root system.

Their roots are deep and strong. If you leave part of the root in the ground, it might grow back. A weeder helps to get this root out, in tact, without digging up half of your yard to get to it.

Garden Fork

A garden fork helps to break up soil, mix two different kinds of soil together and aerate the soil. You can use a manual tiller too, if you desire.

However, a garden fork can provide more accurate results if you’re working in close quarters. Pushing a manual tiller could take out neighboring plants. A garden fork can go deeper into the soil too.

Don’t be afraid of your yard. Draw out a plan, and give it a go. If anything, look for native vegetation to plant in your yard that will grow naturally without much maintenance.

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