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Hold The Olives Please

January 16, 2017 Olive Trees  0

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The summer-blooming olive trees are true beauties, growing up to 30 feet tall and spreading out nearly as far. It’s no wonder that these evergreens have become Arizona mainstays, soaking up the plentiful sunshine that allows them to thrive. And while few people complain about the olives on their deluxe pizza, (or a martini) unless you have a sprawling property or plan on committing lots of time to making your own homemade olive oil… they can be a major headache!!!

In fact, there are a few reasons why you should consider having olive trees sprayed before they start flowering:

Fruit Can be Bad News for Walkers and Indoor Flooring

It’s frequently said that moderation is key, but olive trees didn’t get that memo, often producing an abundance of fruit that’s challenging to keep up with. When the olives ripen and fall from the tree, they can quickly cover the ground and sidewalks, posing a major, oily, messy threat to those walking over them. Not only does the fruit create an increased potential for falls, but their color and oil can quickly be transferred from shoes to light-colored carpet.

Blooms Are a Major Irritant for Allergy Sufferers

Many people suffer from an allergic reaction to olive tree pollen, and their symptoms can be anywhere from mildly irritating to severe. When the pollen is released, (typically in May and June) people with allergies can experience respiratory symptoms like runny, itchy, and watery eyes and noses, as well as sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and all sorts of olive tree-induced discomforts. Those with asthma must exercise extra caution even in the general vicinity of blooming olive trees.

Timing is Everything

In order for spraying olive trees to be effective, the timing has to be right: annually, in the first quarter of the year, and well before the flowers begin blooming in late spring and early summer. It’s sometimes necessary for trees to be sprayed more than once, so it’s advisable to contact Custom Weed & Pest Control early.

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