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Organic Weed Control Options

February 29, 2016 Products, Tips, Weed Control  0

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Organic Weed Killer
The earth-conscious gardeners and lawn owners will be pleased to know that there are many organic herbicides on the market these days (i.e. GreenMatch, Weedzap, Weed Pharm). They work differently than your average store-bought weed killers, so it’s important to practice diligence. The younger the weed, the easier it is to kill—So if you notice a few broadleaf pests popping up, make sure you spray them right away. Most, if not all, organic herbicides “burn down” the weed. This means only the parts of the plant sprayed with the chemical will die. Keep this is mind when you treat the desired area—If you miss the weed with the spray gun, the weed lives on.

Prevent Regrowth
So your weeds are finally dead and gone. Great work! Now, how do you keep them from coming back? Depending on the area, some people opt to add mulch. This option not only makes it harder for weeds to sprout up, but it can also add to the aesthetics of your garden in some cases. If you do not care for the look of mulch, you might prefer corn gluten meal as an option. When spread over an area, corn gluten meal can prevent the germination of seeds. This product won’t know the difference between a dandelion seed and a daffodil seed, so keep this in mind when choosing your organic weed prevention methods.

Natural Weed Control
The important thing to remember is that there are organic products you can buy, but if you want to keep your property chemical-free, it will take more work. Your lawn and yard can stay looking beautiful if you regularly put in the time to make it that way. Hoeing, and hand-pulling weeds takes considerable manual effort, but you can guarantee the weed dies. If this is your preferred option, ensure you get to the weed’s root when you cut it with the hoe, or pull it out with your own bare hands. No chemicals, but a whole lot of work. You decide if it’s worth it.

There are many ways to keep your property clear of pesky weeds. You can use organic weed killers, cover the area with a difficult-to-penetrate product, or roll up your sleeves and rip those suckers out. Just promise us you will be safe in any situation. Always wear gloves, and if you choose the chemical route, remember that organic herbicides may still contain acid, so wear protective eye gear. With a little bit of extra work, you can maintain a beautiful landscape, and Mother Earth will thank you for the consideration.

Or, better yet, you can disregard all this advice and look to Custom Weed & Pest Control. We can offer all kinds of environmentally-responsible options, and save you the extra leg work.

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