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Weed Removal Guide - Why Weeds Keep Coming Back

Why Weeds Keep Coming Back

March 9, 2018 Weed Control  0

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Weed Removal: Why Weeds Keep Coming Back

It’s every gardener’s nightmare! A yard full of weeds that never seem to go away despite efforts to get rid of them. Weed removal is a must!

And unfortunately, the nightmare is all too common. Ss these hardy plants sprout over and over again around those more-desired flowers and shrubs.

All is not lost, though, because there easy weed removal strategies. But you have to understand why they keep coming back in the first place to finally get rid of them.

Incorrect Weed Removal

Sometimes the cause of the repeat invasions is simple; you’re not removing the weeds correctly. Some weeds come out easily if you pull them. But others leave bits of roots behind, and those roots just keep growing.

Other weeds manage to spread seeds around your garden when you clumsily yank at the plant. Identify the weeds first so you can research how best to remove them. If you’ve got one that has tough roots and won’t come out fully when you pull it, you may have to dig it out instead.

It’s also possible that when you tried to kill off weed seeds by using a method like lasagna composting, you claimed victory too soon and didn’t actually kill off the seeds. Weeds are hardy, and they and their seeds can survive a lot of trauma.

Cross Contamination

Another potential cause is cross contamination, where new seeds are brought in as you try to eliminate older weeds or as you merely move around the garden. It’s entirely possible that those new weeds you see sprouting today came from seeds that you tracked over on your shoes from another part of the garden. Weed seeds are generally very small, so it’s easy for one to hitch a ride on a shoe sole in a clump of soil.

If you’ve removed all of your old topsoil and brought in new soil, that could also bring in more weed seeds. You have to ensure that any planting medium that you bring in is certified weed-free; otherwise, you risk dumping a bunch of new weed seeds into your yard along with the soil.

External Factors

Sometimes you face factors that you just can’t control. Lots of seeds are spread around regions by birds and squirrels; they don’t care that you think a certain plant is an unwelcome weed because as long as it’s got food for the animal, the animal will grab the fruit, dropping seeds along its path.

If you are really having trouble getting rid of weeds, contact a lawn care or weed control company for help. Their specialists can identify weeds and remove them properly, and if the situation is really bad, they can also apply weed killer chemicals to your yard.

The exact tactics vary because if you already have plants in your yard that you want to keep, or if you are hoping to grow edible plants, then that will chance what chemicals and methods can be used.

It is possible to have a yard free of weeds — keep trying!

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