Pest Control: 8 Bugs That Can Invade Your Home

23 Mar '21

Black widow spider.

Your home should be a refuge that provides you with a safe shelter from the outside world. While you might expect an ant to run across your picnic in the park, they should never show up in your kitchen. The same can be said for any insect or critter that is better left outside. Finding any of these 8 pests in or near your house is a sign that you need to call us for pest control.

Common Pests That Invade Homes

#1 Watch Out for Spiders

Spiders are nature’s little pest control team. They’ll eat flies and other small insects that you don’t want around your house. The problem occurs when they come inside and begin to reproduce. Arizona is also home to black widow and brown recluse spiders, which can make you extremely sick if they bite you.

#2 Keep Cockroaches Away

There are several different types of cockroaches, and not one of them is good to find in your home. German cockroaches are known for being especially hard to treat due to their small size. They reproduce fast and may hide in areas where over-the-counter treatments don’t reach. American cockroaches can be as big as one to three inches long. Seeing one skitter across your home’s floor or walls can be quite an unsettling experience.

#3 Ward Off Ants In Your Kitchen

Ants are most commonly found in the kitchen, but they’ll also show up anywhere there is moisture and food. Bathrooms are also a common spot to discover ants. You’ll often see a trail of them leading from their entry point. Getting rid of ants protects your family from painful stings. 

Pest-free and organized pantry.

#4 Prevent Weevils In the Pantry

Pantry pests can ruin your food supply rather quickly. Weevils and other insects are often brought home by unsuspecting shoppers. Like other types of pests, they spread fast. Weevils are most commonly found in dry goods such as flour, rice and cereal.

#5 Stop Roof Rat and Mice Invasions

Rodents are among the most destructive types of pests. Roof rats and mice will chew through your home’s walls and attic space to find a place to build their nests. They also leave droppings behind that can contain bacteria and viruses that are harmful to humans.

#6 Get Rid of Pesky Fleas

Fleas and ticks are usually brought into your home by your pet. Once fleas get inside, they’ll hang out in the carpet and other hiding spots until they can jump onto a host. A flea problem usually requires treating both the inside and outside of your house. Exterior pest control treatments stop your pet from bringing them back inside.

#7 Clear Out the Flies

It is pretty common to find a fly in the house. The common housefly often gets inside through open doors or windows with faulty screens. Fruit flies can seem to appear overnight, and they are often a sign that food is decaying somewhere nearby. If removing an obvious food source isn’t curing the problem, then professional pest services can help.

Bed bug in mattress.

#8 Beware of the Dreaded Bed Bug

Bed bugs are still a growing problem. If you buy used furniture, inspect it carefully and do not buy it if you have any indication there could be bed bugs. In your home, watch out for black specks on your bedding or furniture after having a houseguest or if you've been traveling, in case one hitched a ride in your luggage.

If you do spot one, try not to stress. You’ll still be able to keep your belongings once you eliminate them with the right type of treatment.


A small pest invasion can quickly spiral into a serious problem. Many pests carry the risks of transferring diseases to humans. Plus, your family could experience a bite or sting that triggers their allergies. The list of pests that invade homes may be lengthy, but the treatment is quite simple. All of these pests respond fast to professional bug spray treatments that target their specific weaknesses.

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