Bed Bug Hiding Places You Should Check

29 Nov '19

magnifying glass detecting bed bugs in bed

A fully grown bed bug may be no bigger than about one-quarter of an inch. Nymphs are even smaller, and they could be barely a millimeter long. 

While their tiny size may make them hard to spot, you can identify an infestation by checking their common hiding places.

Start Along the Mattress Seams

The most obvious place to look for bed bugs is around the bed. When they are not feeding, they tend to hang out around the mattress seams. 

Pull back the bedding, and use a light to check all the way around the mattress. Be sure to inspect both the top and bottom seams. You might see live bed bugs that look similar to flat apple seeds. You might also spot black or brown specks that could be their eggs or fecal matter.

Check Behind the Headboard

Bed bugs also lurk behind bedroom accessories. They may be found behind the headboard where the different pieces of metal or wood come together. You might also spot evidence of them along the wall behind the headboard.

Look for Stains On Light Colored Bedding

bed bugs detected in bed using magnifying glassWaking up with mysterious bites is a sure sign that you might have bed bugs. This is most likely if you find the bites happening in rows of three. 

If this is happening, then check your sheets. Seeing red or brown specks indicates that blood may be left behind during their feedings. Bed bugs and their droppings are also easier to see on white or light colored sheets.

Inspect Other Furniture In the Room

Despite their name, they can be found in other places. In fact, they really don’t care where they hide provided that they can find a warm body at night. 

Bed bugs sometimes hide out in dressers where they may have hitched a ride on clothing. These may be found along the seam lines of the drawers. They are also small enough to fit into the grooves of furniture hardware. Make sure to inspect every possible surface where they could hide.

Remember to Check the Carpet

The carpet around a bed is also commonly infested by bed bugs. In this case, you will need to get on the floor and check along the seam line where the carpet meets the wall. If there are any holes or rips in the carpet, then these are also good places to check. 

Search Behind Wallpaper and Art

Peeling wallpaper and wall art located around the bed are another easy hiding spot for these nuisance pests. Look for black specks located along these areas, and carefully shine a light along the frames of art. Bed Bug in mattress

Finally, take your inspection up to the ceiling. Bed bugs sometimes hide out along the area where the ceiling meets the wall. Like the other hiding spots, seeing black specks or live insects is a sign that you need to take action.

Bed bugs can infest any room in the house. They can also quickly spread from one place to another. 

Always check hotel rooms and other places that you stay during your travels. You should also regularly inspect your home after a guest stays over. 


If you do suspect a bed bug infestation, call us for a professional inspection. Early treatment can stop bed bugs in their tracks before the problem becomes widespread.

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