Can I Get Rid of Bed Bugs Using Bleach?

23 Nov '21

Bleach solution to get rid of bed bugs.

The pest industry is filled with myths and recommendations for DIY remedies. 

You might have heard that bleach kills bed bugs, and it is great that you are seeking out more information to find out if it is true. With pests, knowledge is power, since using the wrong method could cause the problem to get worse. 

How Effective is Bleach in Getting Rid of Bed Bugs?

Technically, bleach can kill a bed bug, but you need to know more about why this isn’t an effective treatment before you start dousing your house. 

What Is the Active Ingredient In Bleach?

The active ingredient in bleach is sodium hydrochloride. This ingredient is capable of breaking down proteins, which is why it is effective for removing stains and odors. 

This same property can also technically break down a bed bug’s outer shell, which can sometimes work on eggs, too. This can only happen if the bleach makes direct contact with the bug, with enough time for it to break down their outer shell.

Why Isn’t Using Bleach Effective for Killing Bed Bugs?

Bleach may be deadly for bed bugs, but it is also toxic for humans. 

Using bleach in a small enclosed area may already be unsafe for people with asthma or other respiratory disorders due to the fumes. There can also be skin reactions if you are using full-strength bleach in ways that could lead to contact.

On top of the health risks, you’ll find that using bleach in most parts of your house isn’t practical. 

Bed bugs like to hide in carpet, and using bleach there could lead to unsightly stains. The same is also true for furniture such as upholstered couches and chairs. 

You’re unlikely to be able to get bleach to reach those tiny places where bed bugs can hide, such as in small cracks along bed frames and walls. If the bleach can’t directly touch the bed bug, then it simply won’t work.

What About Using It To Kill Bugs On Bedding?

Bed bugs and their eggs can exist on bedding, but they also tend to run and hide in response to light, or after you get out of bed. 

Laundering bedding is a good idea when you have bed bugs, but you’ll also want to keep in mind that the bleach method doesn’t work when the product is diluted. 

Even if you pour more than a cup of bleach into the washing machine, it won’t be enough to counteract the gallons of water that are used in the wash cycle. Plus, high amounts of bleach can remove the dye from sheets and comforters. 

Bed bug infestation problem.

What Is the Best Method to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

If you are looking for a natural and effective way to kill bed bugs, then heat is the answer. 

  1. Heat treatments are capable of reaching every corner of a room. 

  2. High temperatures can kill bed bugs along with their nearly invisible eggs and larva. 

  3. You’ll also be able to treat delicate areas of your house, such as colored carpet and bedding, without having to worry about bleaching them out. 

If you happen to catch a single bed bug in the middle of the night, then squashing it and putting it out with the trash might bring you relief. You don’t even need to use bleach.

Can I Get Rid of Bed Bugs Using Bleach Video


After that, though, you need to take further action. Heat treatments are safest and get rid of bed bugs without damaging your home or putting your health at risk.

Contact us for our specialized heat treatment that will kill bed bugs.

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