Why Are Stink Bugs In Your House

29 Apr '21

Stink bug pest control.

Stink bugs are fairly non-threatening to humans, but they are still an insect you don’t want in your house. As their name suggests, their main defense mechanism is to release an odorous fluid if they feel threatened. If you come in contact with this liquid, it can cause skin irritation. Some people also may experience allergic reactions to the scent that stink bugs release. Figuring out why these bugs are in your house helps you to stop this common and annoying pest problem.

Reasons Why Stink Bugs are in Your House

Why Are Stink Bugs Suddenly Showing Up?

Stink bug on leaf.

A stink bug’s life cycle involves mating and reproducing throughout the spring and summer months. Once winter comes along, they seek out shelter from the cold and go dormant. If you’ve suddenly noticed a large amount of stink bugs, then you’ve likely caught them at a critical point in their seasonal behaviors. Whether they are reproducing or seeking a winter shelter, watching out for these reasons why they are in your house helps you create an action plan to stop the invasion.

They’ve Found an Easy Entry Point

Like many other pests, stink bugs need a way to get inside to start an infestation. Look around your house for these common points of entry.

  • Holes in window screens
  • Broken weatherstripping around windows and doors
  • Cracks around electrical outlets and pipes
  • Damaged siding or cracks around the foundation

They’re Attracted to Your Home’s Lighting

These insects are attracted to lights. Consider switching to motion-activated lights to illuminate your home’s pathways in the evenings. Switching to yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lights can also help you to avoid attracting stink bugs to the door.

They Hitched a Ride On Something You Carried Inside

If you’ve recently done work on the outside of your house, then it is possible that you brought stink bugs inside with you. This commonly happens when someone brings in outdoor seasonal decorations that are infested with stink bugs. Giving inflatables, flags and other items a shake before bringing them in for storage helps to keep bugs outside where they belong.

They’re Living Somewhere Close to Your Home

Stink bugs feed on many different types of plants and they’ll follow the crop season. At first, they’ll spend time on grass and weeds. Once fruit trees and vegetable plants start to grow, then they’ll head there. Try to keep your lawn weed-free and the grass short. This deters them from showing up in the first place. Keeping gardening areas as far from your home’s exterior walls as possible also helps to keep them from coming inside.

How Do You Get Rid of a Stink Bug Infestation?

Eliminating stink bug.

Right now, you might be wondering how to immediately address a stink bug problem. First, you’ll want to avoid squishing these bugs. The scent that they release is pungent and it can linger for hours. Instead, you can vacuum them up. Just make sure to dispose of the vacuum bag immediately to avoid lingering smells. 

Some people also have success with trapping stink bugs in a dish of soapy water. If you have a large number of stink bugs, then insecticidal sprays make the elimination process easier and faster. 

These plant-eating insects prefer to live their lives away from humans. If they’re coming inside your house, then there’s a reason. Spraying for stink bugs gets rid of the ones that are inside, and we can help you figure out what is attracting them and develop a pest control plan so that they don’t return.

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