Why Do Spiders Keep Coming Back?

23 Jul '20

house spider in white background

Spiders tend to inspire fear in people, but they’re one of our friendlier types of pests. The majority of spiders in Arizona are not dangerous to humans.

Instead, they go about their days eating other pests that frequently inhabit buildings and outdoor areas. In some ways, you could even say that spiders provide a natural form of pest control. Still, you don’t need spiders entering your property since even non-venomous ones can give people a nasty bite. Recurrent spider infestations are a common issue, and addressing the various reasons why arachnids choose to keep coming back helps you end the problem.

A New Batch Has Hatched

three spider sac in a web

Female spiders lay their egg sacs throughout the year. These sacs are usually laid in places where people might not look. Spiders may hatch during any season, but the new spiderlings can wait out the coldest days of winter in their egg. This is why spider problems tend to increase during springtime.

Since each sac can hold hundreds of spiders, even one missed egg can lead to a major infestation once the spiderlings are released. Removing spider eggs from their hiding places reduces the chance of a new crop of spiders moving in.

Clutter Creates a Spider-Friendly Environment

Spiders prefer hiding places where they feel safe from predators. Basements and closets tend to be popular places for spiders to set up their webs and lay egg sacs. These areas tend to contain things such as piles of clothing or boxes that serve as the spiders’ new homes.

Cleaning these areas frequently can discourage spiders from staying for long. A clutter-free environment also makes spraying more effective.

Other Pests Are a Steady Food Source

Spiders don’t invade buildings just to lay their eggs. They also come inside when they discover an easy source of food. Spiders eat other insects, which is why they often indicate other pest control issues. Eliminating cockroaches, flies and ants make any building less hospitable to spiders.


It’s Hot Outside

Environmental conditions impact how spiders behave. They may prefer to be outside where there are tons of insects, but severe weather events can change where they stay. People often see more spiders coming into their house during times of extreme heat or drought. The same can happen during periods of heavy rain or flooding events that flush spiders out of their outdoor hiding spots.

A New Entry Point Exists

ants going inside the house

When the weather turns bad, the spiders still have to be able to find a way inside. Many common species of spiders have extremely small bodies. The common house spider’s body can be as small as a quarter of an inch. This makes it easy for them to slip through tiny cracks around doors and windows. 

Fixing areas that allow easy entry for spiders keeps them outside where they belong. You can also take this one step further by keeping the landscaping maintained. Weeds and long branches that grow near your house means that spiders may move closer and try to come inside when they find an opportunity.

A new spider invasion doesn’t necessarily mean that the first treatment didn’t work. Instead, there may be new underlying issues that are contributing to the problem. Spider spraying often needs to be done year-round to keep them from returning to your home or commercial building.

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