5 Misconceptions About Home Pest Control

26 May '21

Professional pest control treatment.

Insects and rodents are the rudest uninvited houseguests. They eat your food, leave droppings everywhere and never say thank you. 

If a pest could talk, they’d probably tell you that they thrive off of misinformation. Many of the most common misconceptions about home pest control encourage invasions to get worse. 

Finding out the truth could change how you approach pest control and improve the effectiveness of treatments.

Misinformation About Pests and Pest Control

#1 Only Dirty Homes Get Pest Problems

If you’ve ever believed that a cockroach problem is due to a lack of cleaning, then you can take a deep breath and relax. Sure, pests do like to find an easy dinner, but that’s not the only reason why they come into homes. 

Pests seek out water and shelter, which are two things that your house easily provides. You can clean all day, but a cockroach or rat may still come. This is why professional treatments work along with your efforts at decluttering.

Mouse trap for residential pest control.

#2 A Successful Mouse Trap Brings Victory

After seeing bite marks on food or even running across a mouse in your house, it is normal to take prompt action. Mousetraps are many people’s first defense against what seems like a small pest invasion. 

Unfortunately, mice all look alike. The one you saw in your garage is likely not the same one you found in your kitchen. In the pest control field, we often say that if you see one mouse, then you’ve likely got a raging infestation in your house. A successful mouse trap catch only means that you have one less to worry about.

#3 Insects Only Sting When They Are Provoked

This one is partially true. Most insects prefer not to come near a human unless they are threatened. You can technically do your part by avoiding bee hives and spiderwebs, but you could still get hurt. Insects often lurk in places that you don’t know about. 

Reaching into a dark cabinet is a common way for people to get stung by a spider. Scorpions might be in your shoes or other clothing, and a bee hive might be out of sight. Inspecting your home frequently for pests prevents potential stings.

#4 Seeing No Pests Means There’s No Problem

Everyone deserves the right to relax in their own home. With pest control, you still need to take a cautious approach about fully relaxing. Many pest problems go undetected for months or even years. 

Carpenter ants, rodents and cockroaches can live inside the walls of your home. Spiders love guest rooms and other unused spaces. Seasonal inspections help you know whether or not your home is truly pest-free.

Over-the-counter pest spray.

#5 You Can Easily Control Pests With DIY Methods

DIY pest control methods range from using herbs to deter pests to over-the-counter sprays and traps. As we mentioned before, these could make you think that the problem is solved when it isn’t. 

Sprays and powders can also create other problems. Some are completely ineffective or dangerous. 

Spraying a wasp nest or beehive could cause you to get caught in a stinging swarm. Others could cause the problem to spread. Ant spray has a tendency to send the insects running to other parts of your house or yard.


If you find a DIY method that you want to try, then ask us about it. We’ll let you know if it could work or create a bigger problem.

Now that you know the truth, make sure to spread the news. Don’t let your neighbor think that scrubbing the floors will stop the roaches from coming. 

You might also want to tell a family member that a single mouse caught in a trap could be just the beginning. Working together is the only way to stop unwanted visitors and end unhelpful beliefs about pest control.

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