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We constantly train our commercial pest control technicians in the latest and most effect pest management methods. Our exterminators know how to

  • TRACK pest infestations
  • REMOVE them
  • ELIMINATE all points of entry

This prevents any future problems.

Taking a thorough approach to our service, we manage and treat your entire property to prevent pests from returning.

Commercial Pest Control Solutions
for Your Business

Our commercial pest control expertise includes rodents, mice, cockroaches, and more. Safe, successful techniques along with the most effective materials in the industry means your pest control problems will soon be over.


Spider Treatment

Spiders are dangerous! Once spiders have entered your business they are difficult to eliminate.

After we locate areas of entry and eliminate them,  complete eradication is then possible by setting up a perimeter  barrier around your business.


rodents.250x167.jpgRodent Control

Rodents in your office will cause more damage and harm than you can imagine. From diseases spread to your employees to damage to interior walls and insulation, the risk does not stop there. As a business, you can be held legally liable for contamination due to rodent infestation.

We know how to identify their presence and know how they behave. We'll search them out and ensure they will never return to your business.

scorpions.250x167.jpgScorpion Treatment

Scorpions carry a potentially deadly sting which is extremely painful. If you have scorpions in your business this is a serious issue which needs to be dealt with quickly by qualified, experienced technicians.

Contact us right away if you detect scorpions - our commercial pest control technician will be out promptly to eliminate them.


roaches.250x167.jpgRoach Treatment

Everyone hates roaches. The sight of them will turn people away from you business immediately. They're an ugly nuisance but also carry a host of bacteria that can be harmful to humans.

Contact us immediately when you spot them so our commercial pest control expert can eradicate them quickly.


ants.250x137.jpgAnt Treatment

Ants are destructive to food and property. They can also bring diseases and health risks into your business. Some types of ants even have a painful sting.

Understanding their biology and specific species differences is paramount in developing an effective control strategy to eliminate them. Our experts will recommend the best solution for your ant problem.

bees-wasps.250x167.jpgBees and Wasps

The risk for stings is incredibly dangerous if you have a bee hive or wasp nest close to your business. A large number of the adult population in the U.S. can experience anaphylaxis after a bee or wasp sting, so you must have them removed immediately to keep your employees and customers safe, as well as avoid liability.

Custom Weed and Pest Control understands that these insects are a crucial component to our ecosystem, and we go to great lengths to relocate them whenever possible. However, there are times when extermination is our only viable option.



Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks often go hand-in-hand, and keeping them out of your business can be difficult. Any animals on your property must be treated first. After that, removing fleas and ticks can be difficult but not impossible.

mosquitoes.250x166.jpgMosquito Control

What you need to know about mosquitoes is that some are active during the day and others at night. When they bite us they are feeding on our blood, and spread various diseases to people and animals.

Our specially trained technician will treat any standing water, because that's where mosquitoes lay their eggs.


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I'm busy, detail oriented, cost conscious and highly selective as to whom works in and/or around my home. This is a service based company that actually provides superior service. Don't waste anymore time... call them. ~ a satisfied customer for three years.

Client Charles M., Mesa

I'm so very happy with Custom Weed & Pest Control. I had extremely tenacious weeds, and while they had to come out multiple times to get rid of them, it was covered under my warranty. Now they're gone, and I couldn't be happier.

Client Janice L., Chandler

Your service was phenomenal, and I would recommend you to all my friends.

Client Mike M., Glendale

They did a great job and all my weeds are dying as promised. My backyard no longer looks like a jungle. Thanks

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Very happy with services. I would like to schedule for both houses this time around.

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I was very happy with the service and I would like to setup another appointment.

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Great people, great results equals great company!

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