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Arizona is known for its wildlife, and there is something amazing about watching a bald eagle soar overhead or admiring the beautiful colors of a swallowtail butterfly that lands in your garden. 

However, there are also many insects and animals that cause serious problems if they decide to make your home or business their residence. In addition to the usual pests that property owners battle such as roaches and rats, our state is home to venomous insects and animals that can cause serious bodily harm. 

Whether you struggle with scorpions in your residence or need to keep roaches out of your restaurant, your best pest control strategy is one that targets the specific animals or insects on your property with proven treatments that eradicate the entire population and stop them from coming back. 

We can develop a personalized plan that works for you. Services are performed by a knowledgeable staff of technicians that are experts at challenging problems like cockroach cleanouts and work with you throughout the process.

Common Types of Pests
Found in the Phoenix Area

Our residential and commercial pest control services in the Phoenix Arizona area address many different types of pests that you may find near your property. While some pests are known to show up during specific seasons, the desert climate creates an environment where you can find insects such as spiders and cockroaches in your property all year long. 

When you have a pest control issue, one of the first steps toward successful treatment is to successfully identify all the insects or animals that are invading your property. As you review this list of common types of pests found in our state, keep in mind that a professional’s expertise is often required to accurately identify the source of some pest control problems. 

Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spiders 

For many people, the discovery of a spider in their home is one of their biggest fears. While most household spiders are fairly innocuous, Arizona does have poisonous types that cause serious reactions. 

The black widow and brown recluse spiders are the most common poisonous species that are found in residential homes and commercial businesses. Always use caution when working in areas that spiders inhabit such as rarely used storage spaces, and remember that being close enough to identify a spider usually means that you are within range for them to bite. 

Rodents – Mice and Gophers

Rats, mice and gophers tend to enter buildings out of a desire to escape the heat or create a safe place for their nests. Unfortunately, most rodents have large litters that allow their populations to rapidly increase. 

In addition to spreading disease, rodents also generate large amounts of damage to property. Successful rodent control should always include multiple strategies such as physical removal and treatments along with the elimination of entry points around the building. 

Rodents - Roof Rats 

Although rodents in general should be kept off of your property, roof rats are rapidly becoming a serious nuisance in Arizona. These non-native rats are drawn to citrus and palm trees, and the discovery of chewed up fruit on the ground is a sign that they may be living in your yard.

Roof rats are also excellent climbers and easily make their way into attics and other parts of your house. Keep an eye out for signs of roof rat activity such as hearing scratching sounds in the building at night so that you can arrange for their removal before they become widespread. 

Eliminating Cockroaches 

There are several types of roaches that you may find in your property. While roaches don’t typically bite humans, their shed skin and droppings can trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals.

Cockroaches are also known for spreading bacteria that they pick up from decayed matter as they move throughout the building.

With cockroaches, attempts to spray for them on your own are often ineffective because they hide in areas that you may not access. For this reason, pest control professionals spray areas where they know roaches will go with residual treatments that work for a longer period of time than DIY sprays. 

The Danger of Scorpions 

Scorpions are some of the most feared pests in Arizona, and for a good reason. While scorpion stings are rarely lethal, our state is home to the Arizona bark scorpion, which is the most venomous species in America.

A sting from one of these scorpions is known to cause symptoms such as convulsions and breathing difficulties that require immediate medical attention.

When you see one scorpion, you should always assume that there are more. The nocturnal nature of these critters also means that infestations are often not caught until they have become well established in a building. 

Ant Infestations and Fire Ants

Ant infestations tend to increase when the weather becomes extremely hot and dry since these insects may be driven into your home out of a need to find water.

We have several different species of ants in Arizona that all require different control strategies, but the one that is of the highest concern is fire ants, which are considered to be an invasive species.

While you can find ant sprays over-the-counter, we recommend that you use caution with do-it-yourself methods when it comes to ants. Using the wrong strategy can cause the ants to flee in different directions, which spreads the infestation.

Mosquito Control 

The late spring through early fall seasons are a time when mosquitoes swarm throughout the state, and everyone must do their part to control these insects that can transmit dangerous illnesses such as the West Nile and Zika viruses.

Mosquito control typically involves a combination of insecticidal sprays and water treatments for features such as ponds on your property.

Your pest technician may also point out areas that collect water and could serve as potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Bird feeders, planters and empty trash bins are a few common areas where mosquitoes breed outdoors.

Where to Spray Around Your Property 

Once a pest infestation is identified, professional pest control treatments, such as spraying, are necessary to reduce the populations. Naturally, the inside of your property may require spraying to eliminate pests such as cockroaches that have already made their way indoors.

Perimeter treatments on the exterior of your property also play a vital role in keeping pests from entering your home or business. During a perimeter treatment, insecticidal sprays are applied around the exterior walls on the soil or foundation of the building.

Depending upon the pests that are identified, the spray may also be applied to nearby plant life that harbors pests. For instance, the bushes near your house may be hosting spiders that must be sprayed to eradicate their population.

These barrier treatments are one of the most effective ways to prevent seasonal pests, and perimeter spraying on a regular schedule helps to prevent a need for interior treatments. 

Benefits of Using Professional
Pest Control Services 

When it comes to pest control, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals. Unfortunately, there is a ton of misinformation about pests that could cause you to use the wrong technique and cause the problem to spread.

Warning: Trying to eliminate certain pests on your own could also cause you to be exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals or an accidental injury. In a worst-case situation, you could expose yourself to dangerous pathogens if you were to be bitten by a wild animal such as a rodent or come into contact with contaminated animal droppings.

Professional pest technicians conduct inspections that identify all the insects and animals that may be living on your property so that they can provide you with a customized plan for treatments.

Your recommended, customized treatment plan may include sprays, live removals and heat applications depending upon the types of pests that are found, and all of these strategies are difficult to do right without training and experience. We may also recommend weed control, and offer complete packages to meet your needs.

Pest Control Prevention and Maintenance

Once the pests are safely eliminated, your professional pest control service then moves to the prevention and maintenance phases. If areas of your property were found to have conditions that allow pests to enter the building, then recommendations are made for repairs. For instance, replacing the seals around windows could stop insects from making their way inside.

You also benefit from having a pest control technician help you to develop a plan for continuing care that stops infestations before they start. For instance, seasonal spraying is tailored to target specific pests that come during the winter and spring so that you know that your property is protected all year long.

When it comes to pest control, remember that eliminating insects and animals on your property takes specific skills and expertise to do it right. Always keep an eye out for signs of common pests in Arizona so that you can arrange for professional services at the first sign of an infestation.

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