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Has your yard been invaded? Are the plants you want in your yard being choked by weeds that you can't get rid of?

Get help! Don't fight the good fight alone - call Custom Weed & Pest Control. We kill weeds and guarantee the results. If the weeds come back so will we - free of charge - and send them packing.

Call us for a free consultation on our residential weed control service. After that one of our licensed and bonded technicians will come to your home and immediately get to work eliminating your weeds!

What to Expect From Your Initial Residential Weed Control Treatment

Before Service

If you won’t be home when the service is performed, please make sure pets are locked inside and gates are unlocked.

Prior to our arrival, please clean up any dog waste, and/or remove dog bones or toys from the service area.


The Licensed technician will go over our residential weed control service. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.

Treatment should take about 30 minutes for an average-sized lot.


Once complete, please keep any pets away until the area dries - typically 1 to 2 hours.

Most annual weeds will show signs of treatment with a day or so, but tougher to control species like seedlings and perennial grasses will take longer.

Recommended Aftercare

Pre-emergent (weed preventer) herbicides need water to be incorporated into the soil profile to be effective.  For optimal results, if it doesn’t rain within a few days, we recommend spraying water over the landscape. However, we still guarantee our services for six months if you don’t dampen area.

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*Warranty against weeds

Please do not disturb or relocate the soil surface (grading, scraping, etc.) as this decreases the effectiveness of the treatment and mandates the limits on the conditional residential weed control warranty.
There is no service fee if weed seedlings emerge in undisturbed soil or in areas not accessible to flooding.

Weed pre-emergent herbicides are ineffective for controlling and are not warrantied on the following:

  1. Perennial Grasses (Bermuda, Nutsedge, etc)
  2. Ornamental Bush Seedlings (Cassia, etc.)
  3. Tree Seedlings (Mesquite, Palo Verde, etc.)
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What our Clients say

I'm busy, detail oriented, cost conscious and highly selective as to whom works in and/or around my home. This is a service based company that actually provides superior service. Don't waste anymore time... call them. ~ a satisfied customer for three years.

Client Charles M., Mesa

I'm so very happy with Custom Weed & Pest Control. I had extremely tenacious weeds, and while they had to come out multiple times to get rid of them, it was covered under my warranty. Now they're gone, and I couldn't be happier.

Client Janice L., Chandler

Your service was phenomenal, and I would recommend you to all my friends.

Client Mike M., Glendale

They did a great job and all my weeds are dying as promised. My backyard no longer looks like a jungle. Thanks

Client Marty G., Cave Creek

Very happy with services. I would like to schedule for both houses this time around.

Client Mike M., Glendale

I was very happy with the service and I would like to setup another appointment.

Client James H., Phoenix

Great people, great results equals great company!

Client Daniel C., Arizona

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