5 Pest Control Mistakes You Are Making

10 Aug '21

Professional pest control treatment.

Pest control problems are one of those home and building maintenance concerns that sometimes cause people to wonder what they are doing wrong. 

Pest Control Mistakes to Avoid

You might think that you’ve tried everything possible, and that it is impossible to eliminate every bug. Or, you may believe that living in Phoenix means having to deal with scorpions and other critters. 

Living with pest infestations isn’t necessary. If you’ve been having trouble with insects and other pests, then it is possible that you could be making one or more of these mistakes.

#1 Only Focusing On the Visible Pests

Squashing a spider or spraying a cockroach does get rid of the problem for the moment. The mistake here is thinking that it is over. 

Pests tend to lurk beneath the main surface areas of a home. They hide in walls, attics and even under loose flooring. If you see a couple of them, then there could be hundreds more. 

Professional treatments are able to reach the parts of your home or commercial building where you can’t reach.

#2 Ignoring an Occasional Pest Sighting

Seeing a mouse run outside when you open your garage door may make you think that they accidentally got inside. But it is also possible that they’ve been living inside of your home. 

Too often, seeing a single mouse or bug means that it is not an isolated incident. If you spot one, then schedule an inspection right away. Checking all of the common hiding places could uncover a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

#3 Going Overboard With DIY Treatments

You can also make the mistake of swinging in the opposite direction. Loading up on foggers, sprays and powders might seem like your best line of defense against your most detested pests. 

Chemical-based treatments come with serious risks. Most are safest when they are applied by a professional who is trained to protect humans and pets from harm. Our technicians also know how to spray for pests, such as ants without causing them to run and spread out.

Residential pest control treatment.

#4 Leaving Entry Points Open

Pests take the path of least resistance. Many of the most common ones are able to fit through unbelievably tight spaces. 

In addition to doing perimeter treatments, you’ll want to check your home or building for potential entry points. Inspect around the windows and doors for cracks. 

You may also need to arrange for someone to inspect your roof for signs of pest activity such as roof rats.

Plumbing fixtures can sometimes develop cracks around the pipes that insects use to get inside. Sealing up all holes and tiny cracks prevents recurring infestations.

#5 Maintaining a Pest-Friendly Environment

If you’ve had professional treatments and keep seeing insects, then there could be an issue that attracts them to the building or yard. 

Having a pest problem doesn’t mean that you have a dirty home or business, but making food, shelter and water available can contribute to the problem. 

5 Pest Control Mistakes You Are Making Video


Try to stick to a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. Wiping the back shelves in a pantry can remove crumbs that attract bugs like cockroaches, as well as mice. Removing outdoor clutter gives them fewer hiding places to make their nests. 

It is often doing the little things that heads off big problems before they start.

Life is all about learning new ways to handle challenges. When pest control has become too much to handle, then it is best to take a good look at your current approach, and it may be time to call in the professionals.

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