6 Reasons to Avoid DIY Pest Control Treatments

30 Mar '22

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Tackling projects around your home or commercial building can be rewarding. But while it might be tempting to attempt a DIY pest control treatment, these kinds of projects rarely go as well as you might hope. 

Why DIY Pest Control Doesn’t Always Work

Eliminating bugs and rodents from a property takes a special type of expertise, along with the right types of sprays, to avoid these common problems that can occur with DIY treatments.

Sprays Cause Insects to Scatter

Watching the ants run away from an onslaught of spray feels rewarding, but have you ever wondered about where they go? 

Many insects don’t die from common sprays you buy at the grocery store. Instead, they run off to make new nests elsewhere. This can lead to more problems down the road.


Different Pests Come With Each Season

Pest control is a year-round problem, and you might not catch the next invasion until it is too late. Getting on a monthly plan means that a professional will oversee inspecting and spraying your property during the times when new critters might be trying to move in.

Multiple Pests Tend to Exist in Buildings

The same spray that you use for cockroaches isn’t necessarily going to work for scorpions. Trying to kill multiple pests gets confusing, and you could end up bombarding your home with too many chemicals. 

Professional technicians know exactly which type of control method to use for each type of pest.

Many Pesticides Come With Significant Risks

Chemical burns, respiratory distress, and poisoning are just a few of the risks that come from trying to use a treatment that you aren’t familiar with. 

The warning labels on bug spray are no joke, and you could risk having an animal or child come into contact with a dangerous product. 

Hiring a technician to spray your property takes the risk out of your hands. They go through specialized training to learn how to avoid the most common issues that can occur with pest control treatments. 

Some Areas Are Hard to Treat

Bed bugs are notorious for being unresponsive to DIY methods. This is because they often lurk in areas that a spray won’t reach. 

Professional heat treatments affect every nook and cranny in a room so that even the tiny eggs are targeted. 

Pest control spray.

Animal and Insect Life Cycles Affect Treatment

The average home or commercial building owner isn’t an expert on bug reproduction habits. The good news is that your seasonal pest spraying technician is an expert.

Too often, people think their DIY method worked only to find out that a new batch of insects has emerged. Your technician 

sprays for bugs regularly, so that new hatchlings don’t grow old enough to reproduce.

There’s nothing wrong with DIY projects but stick to those that are safe and successful, such as fixing a squeaky door. When it comes to pest control, plan for professional services to end the problem as quickly as possible. 

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