Learning to live with wildlife is just part of living in Arizona. Yet, there are certain types of animals and insects that you never want to have living on your property. Not only are insects such as scorpions and spiders capable of inflicting pain on humans, but other types of pests such as rodents quickly destroy homes and businesses.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these common types of Arizona pests on your property so that you can call your Arizona pest control company before they cause major problems. 

Watch Out for Spiders and Scorpions

Get Rid of SpidersArachnids are often confused with insects, but spiders and scorpions fall into a class or animals that have eight legs. In Arizona, there are several species of arachnids that can cause serious harm to your body.

Spiders such as the brown recluse and black widow are common around homes and businesses, and a sting from these arachnids can cause infections and systemic reactions that require medical care.

While most scorpions only generate a painful sting, you should be aware of the bark scorpion. This critter can leave you dealing with serious symptoms such as severe pain and vomiting that last several days.

Ticks are another arachnid found in the state, and these can transmit diseases to humans as well as animals through their bites. An Arizona pest control company like Custom Weed and Pest knows how to get rid of ticks and keep them gone.

Eliminate Crawling Insects

Cockroaches, ants and fleas have long been issues on Arizona properties. In most cases, you can keep crawling insects down by removing attractants from your property such as food and water. However, professional treatments are required when their populations get out of control.

Fleas are best treated using natural techniques such as keeping your landscaping under control as well as pesticide sprays around the yard.

In recent years, bed bugs have become a serious issue in the state. These insects hang out around your sleeping area, but you can also find them in nearby couches, carpeting and even the walls. To get rid of bed bugs, you must use several strategies that include heat treatments to kill off the ones already living in your home.

Get Rid of Flying Bugs

Get Rid of MosquitoesMosquitoes, bees and wasps thrive in warm weather, and you will notice that flying bug populations increase during the spring and summer months. However, warm winters also mean that these insects are sometimes seen during times of the year when other states may view them as being out of season.

While mosquitoes and wasps are usually treated with traditional pesticide sprays, bees require special care to try and preserve their hive due to their importance to the environment.

Control Rats and Other Wildlife

Get Rid of Roof RatsRoof rats are also becoming a major problem for Arizona property owners, and these animals rapidly reproduce in the right environment. Other types of wildlife such as raccoons and gophers also commonly invade buildings. Rodents and other wild animals pose health hazards due to the diseases that they carry, and you must have them removed as soon as possible to stop them from damaging the property.

The animals and insects that thrive in Arizona often pose a serious health threat to humans and pets. When confronted with a wild animal or a stinging insect, never try to handle the job alone. With the professional assistance of an Arizona pest control company, you can eliminate the problem at its source while ensuring that you stay safe from harm.

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