Trees are a focal point in your landscape, and they provide benefits such as shade and soil stabilization that enhance the environment. When selecting trees to plant in your landscape, Arizona tree experts advise considering native varieties such as mesquite, acacia, and hackberry to make caring for them easier.

Once you've chosen the correct trees to include on your property, you can use these tips to care for them throughout their lifespan.

Know How to Care for New Trees

New trees on your property are a lifetime investment since most species can live for decades once they are established. New trees, however, are at their most vulnerable stage of growth, and the shock created by the transplantation process can disrupt their ability to take root and flourish.

To prevent new trees from failing to thrive, make sure to plant them during the right season. Most trees do best if they are planted in the early spring or late fall season when they are dormant. This allows them to get over the shock before they are exposed to the stress of trying to grow rapidly.

New trees should also be watered more often than established ones. Typically, a new tree should have mulch placed around the base, and you will need to water whenever the ground below it is dry.

Watch Out for Diseases and Pests

Pine Tree Blight - Before and After


Arizona trees are vulnerable to damage from insects, fungi, and diseases that occur in the environment.

Defoliating and wood boring insects such as the webworm and ambrosia beetles are especially detrimental since they destroy the structure of the tree. Watch for signs of insect damage such as small holes in tree trunks and branches along with chewed foliage so that you can have the appropriate treatments applied before the problem is extensive.

Tree diseases and fungal problems are more likely to occur during moist times of the year such as monsoon season. Black leaf spot, stem rusts, and root rot are the most common issues that you may run across with trees in your landscape.

Unfortunately, tree diseases like Pine Tree Blight often lead to damage that leaves them susceptible to insect infestations, which only compounds the problem. Certain tree diseases can also spread to other plants on your property.

For this reason, you should always take prompt action if you suspect pests or a disease is disrupting the growth of trees in your landscape.

Provide Water and Quality Soil

Trees gather water and nutrients from the soil to stimulate their growth. The ideal amount of watering that you need to do depends upon the type of trees on your landscape as well as their maturity.

In general, high water use plants such as willows will require more watering than drought-resistant varieties. Your watering schedule must also be adjusted to fit the natural conditions that occur in the environment. For instance, you should water trees less often during periods of heavy rainfall and more often during the hot spring and summer months.

The quality of the soil also plays a role in tree health. If your property has high saline soil, then irrigation at regular intervals during the year may be needed to flush out the high salt content.

Proper tree care pays off when you enjoy the beautiful sight of tall trees with expanding canopies taking center stage on your landscape. By nurturing trees through each stage of their lifespan, adjusting your strategies to fit the seasons, and consulting with Arizona tree experts when necessary, you can look forward to many years of optimal tree health on your property.

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