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If your landscaping is important, an Arizona weed control company is essential to help keep weeds down. The hardy nature of these plants often allows them to outgrow desirable plants. Common weed types such as tumbleweed can survive long periods of drought, and a mature plant can send out thousands of seeds in its lifespan that make it hard to keep them from spreading.

Fortunately, you do have options to get your weed problem under control, and this guide helps you understand how the most effective methods work along with when certain types of sprays should be applied. 

Pre-Emergent Vs. Post-Emergent Sprays 

Arizona Weed Control - Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent MethodsSpraying for weeds is one of the most effective Arizona weed control methods to eliminate them on your property. Yet, the right type of spray for weeds in your landscape should target the current growth stage of the plant.

  • Pre-emergent sprays and granules act on the weeds as they germinate, and stop the growth.

  • Since they have no effect on mature plants, they should be used before you see weeds emerge from the ground.

  • Post-emergent sprays work on mature plants by disrupting the growth process. These are used later in the season or if you notice that weeds have emerged from the ground.


Selective Vs. Non-Selective Herbicides

One of the most challenging parts of weed control is killing off the undesirable plant life without disrupting the beauty of your landscape. In most cases, weeds grow near other plants that you don't want to kill off.

For instance, you may find nutsedge growing in your desirable turf. When this happens, selective herbicides are used to attack the weed. Selective herbicides work by being formulated to only kill off plants with certain physical characteristics or that are in a specific growth state. Non-selective herbicides kill off anything green that they reach. These are ideal for areas where bare ground is preferred.

However, you should be aware that certain non-selective herbicides can leave the ground sterile for many years. Never apply an herbicide to an area without understanding its longevity or being sure that you don't want to grow anything there again.  For this reason, use landscape pre-emergent whenever possible for plant safety.

Chemicals Vs. Natural Weed Control Methods 

Weed control in Arizona becomes even more complicated when a person prefers not to use chemicals on the land. For instance, businesses that help sensitive populations such as nursing homes may prefer to limit the exposure people have to chemicals. When this happens, be sure to voice your concerns because professional weed control services also use non-toxic chemicals and natural methods to eliminate undesirable plants.

Weed sprays using natural chemicals often use acids such as citrus oil to break down the protective layer of wax on the leaves of weeds. After spraying, exposure to the sun dries out the plant until it no longer grows. Old-fashioned hand pulling is also effective for certain types of weeds where it is easy to reach the roots.

Weed control requires an aggressive approach to stop nuisance plants from taking over your property. Yet, you also want to choose the right type of control methods to avoid damaging the turf and desirable plants on your land.

As you get ready to prepare your landscape for the upcoming season, make sure to get a customized plan that uses several different control methods to stop weeds before they get out of control.


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