Arizona Winter Pests to Eliminate

18 Dec '19

group of german cockroachesThe spring and summer months are when most people focus on pest control. However, we have quite a few little critters who love to invade homes and businesses during the winter months. 

While the mosquitos may be gone for now, you need to watch out for these pests that can ruin your enjoyment of the winter season.

Keep an Eye Out for Ants

The majority of ants stay underground where it is warmer during the colder months of the year. Yet, ants that have been staying indoors won’t notice a change in the seasons. 

Ants eating mushroomAnts may also come inside to escape frigid temperatures. Like all pests, they just want food, water and shelter. Avoid leaving food and water sources out to keep ants away.

Get Rid of Cockroaches

Roaches are another pest that thrives indoors. You may see an increase in roach activity as you swap out seasonal items in your house. You can also look for their droppings and eggs in areas where they may hide such as in the back corners of the pantry. 

Cockroaches multiply fast. It is also common to have several species living in your house. Once an infestation takes hold, most over the counter sprays are not effective enough to eliminate all of the insects. Professional spraying can keep them away for good by providing residual effects.

Look for Signs of Roof Rats

There are several types of rodents that invade Arizona homes in the wintertime. Roof rats are one of the most unsightly. They are relatively large compared to mice. They also have a slender tail that is longer than its body. 
Roof Rats love fruits. Selling hollowed-out citrus fruit around your property is a sign that they may be close enough to get inside your buildingYou’ll sometimes see these critters running along the rooftop or nearby trees. They also love fruit. Seeing hollowed-out citrus fruit around your property is a sign that they may be close enough to get inside your building.

Watch Out for Spiders

Spiders often come inside to get away from cooler temperatures. During the winter, you are most likely to encounter spiders in storage areas such as the basement or garage. 

As you look for your holiday decorations, watch out for signs of spiders. Seeing webs or eggs is a good indicator that spiders lurk nearby. 

Brown Recluse SpiderSpiders in Arizona can be poisonous. The black widow and brown recluse spiders both live in the area. Identifying these spiders often requires you to be close enough to potentially receive a painful bite. 

You can avoid bites by reducing hiding places around you property. We can also come out and identify the spider so that you can keep your distance.

Kick Bed Bugs Out

These insects can inhabit a residence or business at any time of year. However, we see an increase in bed bug reports around the time that everyone is traveling for the holidays. 

Always follow the best practices for preventing an infestation, and begin treatments right away if you spot one of these nuisance insects to stop them from spreading.

Bed Bug in mattress

The winter season is a time when many pests are setting up nests that set you up for a bigger problem once the spring babies arrive. Never let a suspected pest problem go unattended. They only tend to get worse. 

Instead, be proactive by arranging to have pests eliminated. You’ll protect your property and feel good when you open up your home or business for seasonal events.

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