Colorful Succulents to Add to Your Xeriscape

25 May '19

cactus in ArizonaXeriscaping is an affordable and convenient gardening method that requires little to no irrigation and has minimal maintenance. 

This type of gardening is efficient if you want to have a home garden that is not hard to maintain, but is still aesthetically pleasing. 

If you have a xeriscape landscape or are looking to start one, there are plenty of plants that can survive its dry conditions. 

Desert plants do well in such conditions and range from succulents and wildflowers to shrubs and trees. Some of them are shown below, but there are many more varieties to choose from.

A Variety of Colorful Succulent Plants

Pencil Plant

pencil plant

This plant has pencil-like structures that turn into a bright coral color when they are stressed. What this means is that the plant is receiving too little water, causing it to enter a distressed state and turn bright coral. 

Xeriscape owners purposefully deprive the pencil plant water to make sure it enters this stressful state and display its bright colors. It is a colorful plant that adds a pop of color to you garden and compliments your home.

Burro's Tail

Burros Tail cactusThis succulent is appropriate if you want more natural colors that compliment nature and its surroundings, because it is green in color and sometimes can turn blue-green. Its leaves are tear shaped, and it has long stems that hang down. You can place this in a basket in your garden to allow the stems to hang.

Paddle Plant

Paddle Plant

With large leaves that are bright red in color, it is also referred to as red pancakes because of its bright color. If you are looking to make a statement in your garden, use the paddle plant because it is striking and noticeable.

This plant is monocarpic, meaning a flower will sprout when it is at the end of its lifecycle. Simply cut off a stalk and replant as the flower sprouts to start a new plant.

Queen Victoria Agave

Queen Victoria AgaveShaped like a large rosette, this plant is extremely drought tolerant. It is popular among many xeriscape owners because of its marble-like striations that make it stand out.

The agave plant is green in color, with some yellow highlights, which will blend with your natural environment. It can live close to fifteen years if you take care of it properly.


Ghost Plant

Ghost Plant

The ghost plant does not require much maintenance. It takes on different colors according to the amount of sunlight available. These colors range from pinkish yellow to blue-gray, adding a colorful touch to your xeriscape each time the color changes. 

During spring, it forms bright yellow flowers that add beauty to your garden.



Bottom Line

Choose from this list the succulent plant that best suits your xeriscape. Feel free to plant more than one to add more color, in fact, the more the merrier!

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