Spiders - How Dangerous Are They?

07 Aug '18

black widow spiderIf you're like me, the question isn't so much "How dangerous are spiders?" The question is more like "Which spiders are dangerous?"

Let's face it: There are about 30 thousand types of spiders.

You have your sort of harmless, yet venomous, "daddy long legs" and you have the less cute and cuddly black widows shown here.

Some varieties won't do much, and others you want to avoid at all costs. You might have heard of the nearly foot-long tarantula that lives in Brazil.

What Constitutes an Arachnid?

An arachnid is an arthropod that is primarily terrestrial; although, some arachnids are somewhat aquatic. They have two regions of their body.

Most adult arachnids have eight legs; however, taking a gander at a wind scorpion can be confusing. They appear to have five pairs of legs. They don't. They have four pairs of legs. The ones in the front are called pedipalps.

Pedipalps are more for feeling their way around in the dark. They also raise them when feeling threatened. They're not dangerous. However, they do have some pretty good “chompers” and they do look intimidating.

Types of Spiders

Ticks, mites, scorpions and spiders, in general, are considered arachnids. Not all of them, however, are dangerous. And some might cause you problems while others can be deadly.

Not everything you have heard is correct, though. You need professional advice and not old wives' tales. You also need to know what to do if you're bitten or stung by a spider and you need to seek medical treatment ASAP.

Types of Dangerous Spiders

There are only a handful of seriously dangerous spiders. These are the ones that can prove fatal. That said, I doubt you want a tick to bury its head in your skin. You must think about what you consider to be dangerous. You could end up with a variety of diseases, depending upon the type of tick that bites you.
The good news is that it usually takes a few days for the disease to transmit from a tick. But you will notice it before then. Also, if you live in the Southwest, you're less likely to contract any disease from these small arachnids.
What you really need to look out for are brown recluses, black widows, hobo spiders and yellow sac spiders. However, you also should keep an eye out for scorpions. Particularly, the bark scorpion can prove fatal for the young, old and those who have compromised their immune system. Stay calm if you're ever stung and get medical help immediately.


If you are finding scorpions, black widows, brown recluse spiders or ticks in or around your home, office or property, you need professional pest control services to eliminate them. Give our office a call and we'll come out promptly to remove the invaders.

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