Do You Really Need Pre-emergent Spraying Service?

08 Aug '22

Weed sprouting in garden.

No matter how vigilant you are with your landscaping, you will always have a weed or two sprouting. Pre-emergent herbicides help you combat the problem before it becomes severe. 

As the name suggests, these are herbicides that kill weeds at an early stage during germination by attacking its shoot or root or both, preventing growth. There are different types of herbicides with similar functionality on the market, and it is important to know which one is appropriate for your yard. 

Reasons for pre-emergent spraying

It is Effective 

Spraying doesn't interfere with the germination of the weeds, but rather stops the formation of new root cells. In doing so, the weeds lack nutrients and eventually die off. This has been proven to be an effective weed control method, since you actually prevent the problem before it happens. 

Applicable in different seasons 

The best time to apply pre-emergents is during spring when most weed seeds germinate. This is when the herbicides will have a more significant impact. You can also apply it in fall when the temperatures are lowering, and new types of weeds are starting to pop up. 

Pre-emergent weed spray.

Independent of topography and location 

This is another massive advantage of pre-emergent weed spraying. Your geographical location and topography do not affect it, as the herbicide forms a chemical barrier on the top layer of your soil, preventing weed growth. 

They are eco-friendly 

These herbicides are very safe and do not affect established plants in any way. They are made to target the sensitive tissues of germinating weed seedlings to prevent their growth, with the whole process occurring at ground level below your plants. 

As a famous saying goes, "prevention is better than cure" - controlling weeds before they happen saves you a lot of trouble. We all know the amount of havoc weeds can cause in a yard or garden; it isn't small.




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