Gardening Ideas Using Succulents

15 May '20

Gardening Ideas Using SucculentsSucculents have long been a tried and true way to address living in a harsh climate. Drought-resistant plants come in many different varieties that all add special touches to residential and commercial landscapes. 

The unique shapes, colors and growing patterns of these plants make it possible to create an exciting garden that is like no one else’s. These gardening ideas are all inspiring ways to bring more life to outdoor spaces.

Create a Minimalist Tranquility Garden

A minimalist garden reduces the upkeep that you have to put into creating a calming space. Try choosing one or two of your favorite types of succulents to add to a rock garden. Look for plants that have contrasting features. Planting tall succulents next to shorter ones adds interest to the garden. 

Building a living wall lets you put your artistic talents on full display. A simple way to create a living wall is to use a ladder or pallet to hold planters vertically. You can also make a frame using a few boards and nails. 

Living walls are ideal for small succulents that grow well in planters. Aloe, Pincushion Cactus and Zebra Plant are a few fun ones to add to your collection.

Go Grass-Free With Ground Covers

Keeping grass green in Phoenix is possible with proper care. But grass requires a lot of water. Ground covering plants are an option for areas where the grass tends to die out in the heat. 

Ice Plant has flowers that bloom throughout the year. The foliage stays green, even when the blooms fade out. You can also choose different varieties of this plant to get the colors you want in the landscaping. Red, yellow and purple flowers mixed in with the greenery makes a lovely grass-free area in lawns.

Pick a Statement Plant

Spanish Dagger Cactus

Larger succulents are a great low maintenance replacement for trees. Hercules Aloe has a tropical look, and these plants can grow up to 15 feet tall. Spanish Dagger is a yucca variety that thrives in full to partial sun. Statement plants work well in rock gardens as well as among other ground cover plants.

Get Creative With an Eclectic Garden

Sometimes, it’s fun to just experiment. An eclectic garden is perfect for areas in the landscaping that have a lot of space to fill. You may also want to try this idea if you are still getting accustomed to caring for this type of plants.

Gardening Ideas Using Succulents Video 


Pick out a few large to medium-sized plants that you want to use as the main focal points. Ball Cactus and Agave plants are a few ideas to get you started. Then, add smaller plants, and feel free to intermix colors and varieties. Variety is the key to success with this type of garden. 

Make the Front Walk Pop

Pincushion cactusAnother fun way to use succulents is to create serious curb appeal. Try lining the walkway leading up to your front door with colorful plants that dazzle your visitors. Blue Fingers and Sticks on Fire are options that make a big impression when they are placed along pathway borders. 

Succulents are hardy plants that withstand the summer heat and drought conditions in Arizona. With the right amount of sunlight and water, you can expect your new garden to last many years.

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