Getting Rid of Weeds in Your Arizona Lawn

19 May '21

Manual weed pulling - weed control technique.

Springtime in Arizona is filled with lovely sights. Watching as birds start leaving their nests and wildflowers bloom makes each day more enjoyable. You may even wake up each morning waiting to see what else this season has to unfold.

Weed Control Tips for Your Arizona Lawn

With all good things come a few nuisances. Sighting a hummingbird at your feeder is exciting, while finding a weed in your yard is not. Getting rid of Arizona lawn invaders requires constant vigilance, but you can do it with these tips.

Encourage Desirable Plant Growth

People tend to focus on killing weeds when they pop up in their lawn. Weed treatments are effective at eliminating weeds

You can also choke them out by promoting healthy lawn growth. Weeds need space to grow, which is why you often find them in dead patches of grass. Watering and fertilizing your lawn helps to create lush grass that crowds out unsightly weeds.

Don’t Feed the Weeds

Do you have weeds popping up in your xeriscaping? If so, then you might want to check your irrigation methods. Faulty sprinkler heads and soaker hoses can send water flying towards the rocks. 

A simple repair can send it towards the desirable plants so that weeds no longer stay hydrated.

Give Them a Tug

At times, you can catch a weed when they are young. Hand pulling weeds is fast and effective for minor invasions. If you choose to hand pull, make sure to get the entire root. Some weeds have long tap roots that allow them to grow back.

Know Your Weed Sprays

Pre-emergent weed spray.

The saying to pick your poison applies well to weed control. If you’ve ever sprayed a weed only to see nothing happen, then it is possible that you used the wrong thing. 

Pre-emergent sprays are what you’ll often see professional lawn care technicians put down in the spring and early fall. This stops seasonal weeds from germinating before you ever see them emerging from the soil. 

Post-emergent sprays do the opposite. We apply these directly to plants that are already in their prime growth cycle.

You can also find weed sprays that are designed for specific types of plants. A non-selective weed treatment kills any plant life that it touches. This is best for rock gardens and walkways where you want a plant-free surface. 

Selective types will focus on only the invader you want to eliminate. Using these types requires a keen understanding of plants to make sure that you don’t damage desirable ones on your property.

Avoid Accidentally Seeding Weeds

Humans and animals often bring lawn invaders to the property by accidentally carrying the seeds. Keeping pests controlled around your property helps squirrels and other critters to avoid dropping seeds from their food or that get caught on their feet.

Your efforts at lawn care could also create a weed problem. Many seed and soil products contain weed seeds that can contaminate a typically weed-free landscape. 

Weed control for rock garden.

Always choose your products carefully, and ask us about when you can use a pre-emergent treatment after seeding to prevent unwanted plants.

Knowing your enemy goes a long way towards picking the most effective weed treatments. A seasonal inspection can help you identify whether you are dealing with a grassy or broadleaf weed. 


We can also help you stop them from sprouting up in the first place. When you see an invasion, act fast. Launching your strategies now can keep your lawn weed-free all year long.

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