How Good Home Pest Control Benefits Your Community

30 Nov '20

Arizona pest control tips.

Being a good neighbor includes thinking about how your actions help your whole neighborhood. Pest control problems are frequently viewed as a private matter. You might even think that you are the only one who is dealing with cockroaches or rats.

However, insect and wildlife infestations are often common issues of many families in a community. This is due to several factors, including the fact that pests prefer to live in certain environments.

Viewing pest control as a community issue helps everyone make the right choices for keeping everyone living around them healthy.

Protect Your Neighbor’s Pets and Young Children

Rat eating garbage can cause disease.


Taking pest control methods into your own hands can sometimes lead to more significant problems. Many over-the-counter control methods use poisons. These are dangerous if they are misused. Leaving poison in the reach of pets or children has potentially lethal consequences. 

Professional technicians know how to choose the safest way to eliminate pests. If a chemical needs to be used, they’ll be able to apply it in a way that protects the pets and children in your place from harm.

Stop Pests From Spreading Throughout the Neighborhood

Good neighbors can share more than a wave across the street. Community yard sales, passing around hand-me-downs, and children having sleepovers are all possible ways to spread pests.

Bedbugs, cockroaches and other insects can easily hitch a ride on clothing and furniture. Keeping pests out of your home means that you won’t send them over to others.

Gophers and other outdoor critters are unaware of property boundary lines. At times, populations at one house get so large that they spread out to find other places to make their nests.

This can lead to an endless cycle of infestations that are harder to get under control. When everyone does their part, it is less likely that rodents will take over your place.

Prevent Pest-Related Illnesses

The natural reaction to recoil from the sight of a mouse is based upon nature. Many of the worst pests are capable of transmitting diseases to humans. Mosquitoes are a common community problem that is now linked to the West Nile and Zika viruses. 

Allergies in your community are another issue that is worth considering. Many people are allergic to stings from bees and wasps. Removing nests prevents the possibility of stings.

Working hard to clean up attractants and eliminate these threats helps everyone.

Maintain a Beautiful Community

Arizona company spraying for pest control.


The homes in your area are likely close to the same age. Older properties are at a higher risk for infestation.

Decaying building materials leave room for pests to get inside. Insects can easily crawl through small cracks, and a mouse only needs an opening of around 1/4 inch to access your home. A good control plan also includes identifying entry points that you can repair.


Animals that find an entry point tend to create even more damage as they chew through the walls and roof—keeping unwanted visitors from getting in stops damage that detracts from the beauty of your home.

A good pest control plan is customized to fit your home’s specific needs. Our technicians are familiar with Arizona communities and the common challenges that you and your neighbors face regarding insects and wildlife. From choosing safe control methods to identifying entry points, we can help you do your part to keep pest problems down in your neighborhood.

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