How to Slow Down Tree Growth to Help it Thrive

15 Feb '19

big treeEveryone loves the look of lush, majestic trees on their home’s lawn, but there often comes a point where enough is enough.
When trees begin to grow too fast, they can lose desirable features such as the brightness of the leaves and the ability to survive brief periods of low rainfall.
Trees that are too big for your property can also generate problems with your home landscaping and maintenance plans.
Fortunately, special compounds can be used to slow down tree growth so that the ones on your property continue to thrive. 

Common Issues Associated With Rapidly Growing Trees 

Trees that are in a rapid state of growth expend most of their energy on just getting taller. This generates problems with the other aspects of the tree’s appearance.
Some of the issues are evident just from looking at the tree, since a tree that is growing too fast tends to be spindly. The leaves may also look dehydrated, since the root system will be too underdeveloped to support their growth, especially during a drought.
Mature trees that are allowed to continue to grow too fast can also encroach upon your property, requiring additional treatments such as frequent pruning, just to keep the branches from hitting the exterior of your home or commercial building. 

How Plant Growth Hormone Regulators Work 

Plant growth regulators are applied on the soil that is near the base of the tree using either an injector or drench system, which helps it get to the roots, where the compounds can start to work their magic.
These compounds work primarily by reducing the tree’s production of specific hormones that are involved with stimulating growth.
Gibberellic acid is one of the primary hormones that plant growth regulators target. When the production of this hormone is reduced, you will notice that your tree begins to put out shorter and fewer new growth shoots.
Over time, you will also see a drastically reduced amount of growth that keeps your tree at the ideal size, even during the height of growing season. 

Benefits of Using Plant Growth Regulators 

The benefits of using plant hormones to slow down tree growth extend beyond just reducing the size of the trees on your property.
Plant growth regulators also increase the tree’s production of abscisic acid, which is a hormone that helps to prevent water loss, so that the tree is better able to thrive in drought conditions.

You’ll also notice that the trees that are treated with plant growth regulators have deeper green leaves that are more attractively shaped, due to the increase in chlorophyll production.
While the tree will continue to grow, the slower growth rate allows you to keep the tree’s size and shape exactly how you prefer it to fit into your landscaping plans, without the constant need to trim and prune it all season. 

Rapidly growing trees are at a greater risk of sustaining damage when the tree cannot distribute its energy properly and stay hydrated. By using plant hormones to slow down the tree’s growth, you can help it thrive and continue to be one of the most attractive features on your property.

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