Keeping Ticks Away During the Summer Months

25 Jun '19

Tick in fingerTicks are among some of the worst summertime pests. They are known carriers of diseases that can be spread to humans, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

They also rapidly reproduce. Certain species of female ticks can lay several thousand eggs at one time. 

Usually, seeing one tick around your property or on your dog means that there is already a significant pest control problem underway.

This season, avoid having to deal with a tick control nightmare by using these tips to keep them away from your home or business.

Avoid Bringing Them Home

Your first line of defense if to be careful after spending time in outdoor areas. If you avidly hike, camp or even spend time in public parks, it is possible for you to carry a tick home. Always stick to outdoor areas with low grass, such as well-worn hiking trails. 

Once you are finished with your outdoor excursion, check your shoes and clothing to make sure that you do not see any ticks. You should also carefully inspect your skin and hair once you return home.

Dog in grass

Check Your Pets

Pets are vulnerable to tick infestations because they spend more time outside and are closer to the ground. Dogs and cats with thick fur also provide hiding places for ticks that can delay you from identifying a problem. 

Give your pets a quick check anytime you spend time outside, especially when you are in public places, such as a dog park. You can also talk to your vet about preventive treatments. There are pills, fur treatments and special collars available that can get rid of ticks that you might miss.

Arrange for Professional Spraying

There are many flea and tick sprays available that can eliminate the problem before it gets worse. A spray with insect growth regulators can stop ticks from turning into adults that reproduce. 

Since tick spraying is often done in areas where children and animals play, we always recommend using professional spraying for ticks. We have sprays available that are safe for families to use at home while still being effective.

Practice Preventative Landscaping

Ticks love long, tall grass that they can stand on the tip of, waiting for a potential host to pass by. Keep grass short to minimize attractive spaces for ticks to hide.

You can also remove other hiding and breeding places. For instance, piles of leaves should be removed or turned into mulch. Firewood and other supplies should be kept off of the ground and a safe distance from grassy areas.

If your property backs up to a field or forest area, then create a barrier between your lawn and the wilderness. The barrier should be made of low-lying materials that ticks do not find attractive, such as gravel, and made to be about three-feet wide.


Keep Other Pests Under Control

Ticks are commonly associated with dogs and deer. However, they can live on other animals. Mice, gophers and other critters that you find outside are all potential carriers. Getting a rat or gopher problem under control helps to keep ticks off of your property.

The season for ticks is here. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend your time worrying about finding one on you or your pet. Instead, a little preventative action will go a long way toward keeping your property free from these nuisance arachnids.

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