Natural Pest Control Methods

When it comes to waging a war against pests, you have many products at your
disposal. Yet, trying to figure out the best one to apply to your infestation requires expert
knowledge regarding what works best for the specific pests targeted along with the
environment where the control is needed.

In general, you will find that most pest control methods fall into one of these categories
of products that allow natural pest control companies in Phoenix to choose the best approach to fit your needs.

Chemical Pesticides

Chemical sprays, powders and foggers are what most people typically associate with
pest control. Chemical pesticides are effective for controlling certain types of pests such
as cockroaches because they kill them outright, and some have residual effects that can
knock out new pests as they hatch or enter the building.

Depending upon the delivery method used, chemical pesticides also have the benefit of
being able to penetrate areas of a building that are hard to reach. For instance, a spray
can easily fit into a tiny crack or be inserted into a wall space to target pests.

The use of chemical pesticides should always be done with professional care since
many types are made with materials that are toxic to humans and pets.

Natural Repellents and Insecticides

For those who prefer to avoid toxic chemicals in their environment, natural pesticides
are available. For instance, diatomaceous earth is a powder that is made from natural
materials, and it can be used to destroy cockroaches and other types of insects.
Citrus and other essential oils can be toxic to certain types of pests, but they often have
to be applied directly to the insect.

Natural pest control companies in Phoenix often turn to repellents that use plant-based
materials to deter insects and animals from taking up residence. Citronella is one of the
most commonly known types for repelling mosquitoes. However, plants such as
rosemary and basil can also be used to repel pests.


Aprehend Spray for Bed BugsAprehend is a biopesticide spray. It is applied in critical areas where the bed bugs are known to frequent: mattresses, box springs, night stands, etc. As the bugs leave their haunts to feed, they cross the material, which sticks to them like sand sticks to wet feet.

These sticky fungal spores are easily transported. The bugs spread them to others, eliminating the population (as claimed by the manufacturer). These spores remain active for three months, killing all eggs, nymphs and adults.

Heat Treatments

Bed Bug Heat TreatmentCertain types of insects require multiple strategies to eliminate their population. With
heat treatments, it is possible to eliminate pests in a large area, or the heat may be
applied to only the infested materials such as bedding.

To be effective, the heat applied must reach high enough temperatures to kill off the
pest population. Since these temperatures can reach dangerously high levels for
humans, only professionals who are trained to do it safely should do them.

Exclusion and Live Removal

Certain types of pests require special care for their removal. For instance, poisons are
often ineffective for rodents who may run off and die in interior walls where they create a
health hazard. Alternatively, certain pests such as bees provide benefits to the
environment. For this reason, a pest professional may recommend using exclusionary
practices or removals to eliminate the problem.

For example, an animal's entry point such as a hole in the wall may have a special
device placed on it that allows the animal to get out but not get back inside. Once the
animal is removed, then the entry point is sealed.

Although these methods take longer, they are often the more humane way to deal with
animals such as birds or other wildlife that need to be protected from harm. 
For every type of pest, there is a specific method available to keep them off your
property. Whether you prefer natural or chemical control strategies, working with a
professional treatment service allows you to find the right one to fit your needs.

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