Pest Control for Commercial Kitchens

20 Feb '20

Top 5 Pest Control Problems

Clean commercial kitchen to keep pests away

The food industry has strict regulations regarding sanitation and hygiene to protect public safety. Pest problems are a nightmare once they hit a commercial kitchen. It only takes a single customer sighting of a cockroach to give a business a bad reputation. On top of that, the kitchen could be shut down if the health inspectors deem the infestation to be unsafe.

Insect and rodent control in a food services business is a bit trickier compared to residential methods. These are the top five problems that you need to know about to implement a quality pest prevention plan in your commercial kitchen.

#1 Sanitation Challenges

Cleaning commercial kitchen

A commercial kitchen should have a clear plan outlined for sanitation and hygiene. Kitchen crew members generally work hard to keep cooking and food prep surfaces sparkling clean. Yet, there are also areas where the grime is harder to see. 

The drains are one area where you might not be able to see where food debris collects. The combination of rotting food and moisture is an attractant for pests. 

Cockroaches and other kitchen pests love areas where food and beverage spills collect. Make a plan to deep clean the kitchen regularly. If necessary, have a cleaning crew come in while the kitchen is closed to clean under appliances and in other tight places that are almost impossible to hit during regular hours.

#2 Open Entry Points

Small insects can access the kitchen from an entry point that is mere millimeters wide. A small mouse can get in through a hole that is only the size of a nickel. Sealing entry points on a commercial building can be a challenge, but it is a necessary part of your prevention plan. 

Your kitchen staff may also be unknowingly letting pests in every time they use the back door. Talk to the crew about ways to reduce how often they open the door. Consider installing a device that automatically shuts the door, so that no one accidentally leaves it open.

#3 Infested Deliveries

The food products that are ordered often come from warehouses and delivery trucks with active infestations. Ask team members to check each delivery carefully. If a stored food insect is found, then they need to assess if the other products in the delivery are infested. Your crew should then remove the food boxes from the building to stop the infestation from spreading.

#4 Inaccessible Hiding Spots

Cockroaches and other kitchen pests

Certain pests, such as cockroaches, like to hide out inside of kitchen appliances. This means that a kitchen may have a hidden problem that will not show up until it is extensive. Our inspections and treatments can address these hiding spots so that even the inner components of appliances stay pest-free.

#5 Outdoor Pest Problems

You might be able to control the cleanliness of your kitchen, but you may have less control over what happens outside. Interior pest issues frequently begin on the exterior part of the building. Ants, flies and rodents are the most common ones to start outside and find their way indoors. Exterior spraying and proper landscape management eliminate this issue.


Despite the challenges, it is possible to keep a pest-free commercial kitchen. Take a good look at your current procedures and building plan to determine if any of these five problems are contributing to an infestation. Our services also include thorough inspections and regular spraying that stops infestations before they can spread.

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