The Do's and Don'ts of Pest Control

14 Sep '17

hand writing sign of pest controlThe first thing you will want to do when you see any kind of pest infestation in your home is to get rid of it. It’s important to know pest control guidelines. The right way will get the problem under control while keeping your home and family safe. The wrong way, however, could be more expensive and damaging than any vermin you might see crawling around. Having said that, here are some of the do's and don'ts of pest control.

Pest Control Guidelines

What to Do with Pests

The first thing to do if you suspect a problem is to identify the culprit. It could be as simple as getting a good look at a trail of ants or a cockroach in your kitchen. You also may want to check your pets for fleas. Or it could involve something more in-depth such as inspecting your walls for termite damage. A local pest control company can help you identify and resolve the problem.

Once you've id’d your culprit, decide if the invasion is at a level you can tolerate. Seeing a few ants on your kitchen floor occasionally isn't cause for alarm. Seeing several all the time is something that should be addressed.

The solution may be as easy as removing sources of standing water in your yard. Also, remove anything that could be used for shelter. Store food in sealed plastic and glass containers. Keep your home free of clutter that can be used as hiding places. And regularly remove trash from your home.

When it comes time to use traps and pesticides, make sure you do so safely. Try to use baited traps for insects and rodents. These are generally safer for you and your family than chemical pesticides. If you must use a pesticide without a trap, apply it only to targeted areas and not to an entire room. Keep pets and children away from these areas. And always follow the directions provided.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help. Pests can be very persistent. They tend to reappear just when you think they're all gone. If you have questions or feel like you can't resolve the problem by yourself, contact a local pest control service.


What Not to Do with Pests

There are two things you do not want to do when it comes to pest control. One is using too much of a pesticide. The second is using the wrong pesticide. A little bit of poison can go a long way. Don’t assume that twice as much will be twice as effective. All that will do is endanger your family's health. You also should never use an outdoor pesticide inside your home. Those products are designed for the outdoors for a reason.

Like many things in life, safe and effective pest control boils down to common sense. Following the pest control guidelines on the product you use is very important.

If you want guaranteed pest control without having to figure out what you need, expend the energy to buy and apply it, as well as expose yourself to toxic chemicals, give us a call.

Custom Weed & Pest Control has been in business since 1989, serving the greater Phoenix metro area for both residential and commercial. We offer organic, natural and chemical pest control, with customized service to meet your specific needs.



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