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23 Oct '19

Residential pest control.

Cockroaches are one of the hardest pests to get rid of in your home. You can do everything you can to keep your house clean. You can even try using store-bought sprays and foggers. 

Yet, they will persist. Roaches reproduce at rapid rates, and they have survival abilities that allow them to outlive most home remedies.

Professional spraying for roaches is your best line of defense against these home invaders, and learning more about why these sprays work best helps you to develop an effective pest control strategy.

Why Are Roaches So Hard to Kill?

Roaches have a hard exoskeleton that protects them from dangers in their environment. They are also extremely fast-moving. A roach can sense when movement is coming their way. Once they sense you or your spray coming in their direction, they quickly hide. 

Cockroaches prefer small, tight hiding places. They hide in cracks around your home, and this makes it difficult for you to hit them with over-the-counter sprays.

These insects have also developed a resistance to many chemical preparations. Certain species of cockroaches are more resistant to pesticides than others, and this makes identification important during the treatment process.

The idea that you can starve them out is also a myth. Roaches only need a tiny amount of food to survive. They can also live for more than two weeks without food

Although giving your home a thorough clean is always helpful to prevent pests, you cannot rely upon wiping down the pantry alone to help.

How Are Professional Pest Sprays Different?

A professional cockroach spray is prepared to be stronger and longer-lasting compared to what you can buy in a store. 

Our sprays have residual effects that we use to combat the issue of a roach running off to hide. We know where the roaches go, and we spray these areas so that they will be hit with the insecticide when they eventually come out of hiding.

Is Spraying Safe?

group of german cockroaches

Your concerns about safety are important. After all, you don’t want to get rid of cockroaches if it means potentially harming your family. 

Professional cockroach sprays are safe, and the application process is actually more precise than what you could do on your own.

With professional sprays, the insecticide is placed only where it is needed. Professional technicians are careful to keep it away from your food and dishes. 

In many cases, it can be used as a barrier treatment outside of your home if the infestation indoors has not reached serious levels. 

How Often Should I Spray My Home?

The right spraying schedule for your home depends upon several factors. During your first pest inspection, we check to find out how widespread the problem is. We’ll also identify potential hiding areas along with the type of roaches that exist on your property.

At first, you may need a follow-up treatment after your initial treatment to make sure that all pests are gone. However, many people find that the first visit dramatically reduces the roach problem fast

Once the roaches are gone, you will need to continue with regular seasonal sprays as recommended to keep your home or business pest-free.


Spraying for cockroaches works best in the earliest stages of an infestation. Don’t waste your time and money trying to handle it yourself. We use special sprays and techniques that kill cockroaches and are safe for your family. 

Always keep an eye out for roach activity on your property, and reach out for professional help to develop a treatment schedule that keeps them away.

Custom Weed & Pest Control has been in business since 1989, serving the greater Phoenix metro area for both residential and commercial. We offer organic, natural and chemical pest control, with customized service to meet your specific needs.

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