How to Get Rid of and Keep Scorpions Away

27 Aug '20

Scorpion in dried leaf - how to keep scorpion away

It is always best to avoid coming into contact with a scorpion. The most common type to find in your Arizona home is the bark scorpion. These are known for being the most venomous type in North America. Stings from these scorpions are rarely fatal, but they can send you to the hospital.

Scorpion infestations can spread rapidly. A single female scorpion can have as many as 100 live babies in one brood.

Keeping scorpions away is a little different from other types of pest control. These critters are nocturnal. This means that you might not see them during the day like cockroaches or spiders.

Identify Hiding Areas

During the day, scorpions prefer to hide and wait for their time to come out at night. Objects that sit low to the ground and provide shade are common hiding places. Clear out unnecessary yard debris - piles of rocks, leaves, and branches are all possible hideouts that attract scorpions.

Starve Them Out

Scorpions feed on smaller pests. Their diet consists of crickets, spiders, and even small mammals such as mice. General pest control makes it harder for them to find food. Once you eliminate those pests, the scorpions will be forced to go elsewhere to survive. 

Get Rid of Water Sources

Eliminate bark scorpions

Water is the basis of life for scorpions. They dehydrate easily and will come into your house to find any possible source of water. Fix any leaky plumbing fixtures. It is also helpful to check outside. Air conditioner and sprinkler leaks are common culprits for sustaining scorpion populations.

Make It Hard to Get Inside

A scorpion can fit in a crack that is as slim as a credit card. Make sure that window and door screens are tightly fitted in their openings. Seals around these areas should also be airtight. If you can feel a draft or see light filtering through a crack, then a scorpion might be able to get into your home.


Disrupt Cluttered Indoor Areas

These pests love dark, humid areas with lots of clutter. Garages, closets and unused bedrooms are common places for them to turn up. Create regular disruptions in these areas by turning lights on occasionally and spending time decluttering. Your presence, combined with more light, makes these areas less appealing.

Be Careful With Traps

You’ll find various types of scorpion traps on the market. They typically use a glue base that is similar to what you see used for rodent control.

These traps can occasionally catch a scorpion, but it is dangerous to handle them. Most scorpions take a long time to die on these traps, and you risk being stung if you pick one up.

Spray Them Away

Residential pest control

If you see one scorpion, assume that there are more. Then, give us a call. We can get scorpions under control in your outdoor areas so they’ll no longer come inside your home.

Spraying is just as effective for scorpions as it is for other types of pests. Depending upon the extent of the infestation, this may need to be done monthly or seasonally. A professional inspection can reveal how bad the scorpion problem is so that you can set up an effective spraying schedule.

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