How to Get Rid of Common Pest Problems

18 Feb '22

Spider on the bed - how to get rid of spiders.

Pest problems tend to come with a lot of stress. You'll feel anxious about your family’s health if you find evidence of bed bugs in a room. If you own a business, you’d be terrified of what would happen if a customer spots a rat or a cockroach. 

Easy Ways to Handle Common Pests

Despite all of the stigma, pest control issues are common among all property owners. At some point, everyone has to deal with some type of critter or insect using their property as a home. 

The most important thing is knowing how to get rid of those pesky bugs and rodents when they come.

Identify the Type of Pests On Your Property

The difference between a flea and a bed bug might be hard to see with an untrained eye. Knowing which type of insect you are dealing with is critical, since each type might need a different treatment. 

You’ll also want to make sure that there aren’t additional problems that you aren’t aware of. A sudden spider problem could be a sign that you’ve got a steady food supply of insects that are attracting them to your property. 

Determine How Far the Issue Extends

It is possible for a mouse to only hang out in your garage, but it is more likely that the problem extends to other rooms. 

During a professional pest inspection, a technician will check all of the known insect and animal hideouts to identify which ones might be lurking on your property. They’ll also let you know where they find the problems, along with whether or not you need to prepare for repairing any damage.

Clean Up Clutter and Debris

Having a cockroach or ant invasion doesn’t mean that you aren’t good at keeping your home or business building clean. You can be a stringent housekeeper and still find nuisances arriving on your property. 

Still, it helps to do a little cleaning up after you arrange for treatment. Picking up indoor clutter and outdoor lawn debris helps the spray to get where it will have the most impact on pests. You’ll also get a head start on preventing future problems by clearing out potential nesting places.

Bed bug in bed.

Avoid Relying On DIY Remedies

Those sprays and powders you see on store shelves may proclaim to be powerful, and they might very well be. 

Unfortunately, using them wrong could harm your pets, family or even yourself. Inappropriate use can also cause the insects or rodents to spread. Ants often scatter in response to sprays. If you don’t hit them all, then you could discover the problem just got bigger.

Plan for Long-Term Pest Control

The majority of pests prefer to stay out of sight. By the time you see them, you are likely already dealing with a serious problem. 

Regular spraying takes the worry out of your prevention plan. When our technicians come out on a regular basis, they’ll look for common problems while they are on your property. They can also advise you of any potential risks that you need to be aware of during seasonal changes.

When it comes to pest problems, we’ve seen it all. Our technicians are trained to handle infestations with a compassionate approach to humans while launching a strong attack on the specific insects or animals that they find at your home or business. 

Whether you’ve found a new problem on your property or discovered one that hasn’t been resolved, getting a handle on it now means you’ll stop stressing and get back to living comfortably.

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