Best Tips to Keep Mice and Rats Away

29 Jun '20

Mouse looking for food

Keeping mice and rats away doesn’t have to be challenging. They primarily invade buildings out of a desire to find food, water, and shelter. Eliminating these item makes your property less attractive to rodents. Eliminating these items makes your property less attractive to rodents. The following are the best tips to help you to create an environment that keeps mice away.

 Clean Up Dropped Fruit

Citrus and olive trees are beautiful. Being able to walk outside and pick fresh produce feels like a luxury. Fruit trees are a lovely addition to any landscape, but they also attract rodents.  Look for dropped fruit regularly so that it can be removed as soon as possible.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Pruning tree to keep mice away

Rodents are exceptional climbers. Roof rats get their name because they prefer to stay in high places.Long tree branches that extend to a rooftop provide easy access to your property. Trees and bushes should be trimmed at least 3 feet away from the outside of a building.

Plant Mint

Rats and mice may be able to sniff out a free meal, but there are a few scents that they don’t like.Peppermint is a natural pest repellent. Try planting some in your garden. Soaking a cotton ball in peppermint oil is another option that you can use inside of your home.

Use Rodent Proof Storage Bins

A mouse in the house will chew through boxes and bags of food. Transferring food into plastic storage bins helps to protect it from mice. Cereal, pasta, and other dried goods store well in bins with tight-fitting lids. Items that are brought into the home should also be inspected for signs of a pest infestation.

Watch Out for Pet Food

Feeding your pets might also attract rodents to the property. Pet owners should put out only the amount of food that their pet will eat in one meal. If food gets scattered outside, then clean it up. Pet food should be stored in airtight containers just like other products.

Stop Water Leaks

water leak

Water is another attractant for rats. They will look for water sources when the temperatures begin to rise. Leaky pipes or a faulty roof around the house can also create moist conditions that make it easier for rodents to chew through a wall. Repair water leaks as soon as possible to prevent a rodent problem.

Create a Strong Barrier

A building that is properly sealed keeps pests outside where they belong. Install door sweeps to eliminate cracks beneath doors. Add or repair screens to windows that lack one in good condition. Check along the building’s exterior walls for small holes and cracks that need to be closed up. Keep in mind that mice can fit through the tiniest crevices, so seal anything that you can find.


Eliminate Other Pest Infestations

Mice and rats eat insects. Roof rats are especially drawn to cockroaches. Property owners often find that one pest infestation leads to another. Regular perimeter spraying helps to keep general pest activity down so that rats are less attracted to your home or business.

Staying vigilant is critical for avoiding a new rodent infestation. All it takes is one small hole in the house or a night of food being left out to attract new pests. Continue to inspect your property regularly, and promptly report any signs of rodent activity. A fast response helps to get them out before they start to reproduce.

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