8 Summer Home Pest Control Tips

29 May '20

Spraying insecticide to pests at home

Summer is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Arizona. The sunny days mean that families can get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

This is also the time when pest infestations experience an uptick. As people get outside more, they tend to notice more insects. Pests may also try to come into your home when the weather gets hotter and drier.

These pest control tips will help you avoid unwanted surprises around your house this season.

#1 Do a Few Summer Home Repairs

Most pests get into a house through small entrances around the perimeter of the building. Repairing torn screens and cracks around the doors can keep insects and rodents from getting inside.

The roof is another area where animals tend to enter. Inspect the roof for signs of damage. If water can leak in, then it is likely that pests can, too.

#2 Maintain the Landscaping

mowing the grass

Tallgrass and weeds create the ideal environment for pests to nest and hide. Keep the lawn mowed to an appropriate height for the grass type. Bushes and tree branches should also be trimmed away from the house to make it harder for pests to reach access points.

#3 Use Caution With Animal Feeders

Animal feeders are a fun way to attract wanted wildlife to your home. Many unwanted pests are also attracted to the food that is left outside. For example, wasps often frequent hummingbird feeders.

Look for animal feeders that prevent pests from being able to access the food. It may also be necessary to bring in animal food during times of high pest activity. Bringing in dog or cat food every night can prevent ants from coming to the patio.

#4 Clean Up After Backyard Barbecues

A weed and pest-free lawn makes it more fun to spend time outside cooking and visiting with your family and friends. Just make sure to clean up any little crumbs and drink spills that could attract insects when everyone’s done.

#5 Be Careful Traveling

Going on a vacation is a great way to get away from stress at home. Traveling does come with the potential of bringing home new stressors from pest infestations. Give mattresses in hotel rooms a quick check for bed bugs. Then, unpack your clothing directly into the washing machine as soon as you get home.


#6 Plant Natural Pest Repellants

Basil, lavender, and citronella are all naturally repulsive to pests such as mosquitos and flies. These are easily grown in containers if you don’t have a large garden space. Citronella candles are another option that can work for people who lack a green thumb.

#7 Check Your Pets

Flea and tick season occurs during the summer months. Give pets a thorough check over once you get home from outdoor hikes and visits to the dog park. 

#8 Keep the Lawn Dry

Beautiful house with dry and pest-free lawn

Regular watering is great for the grass, so keep it up. Puddles should be avoided as much as necessary since they can attract mosquitoes. 

Make sure sprinkler heads direct the spray onto grass and away from areas where water can pool. Then, do a check after rainstorms for any lawn chairs or equipment that collects water that needs to be dried up.

The most important thing to remember about summer pests is that immediate action can stop problems from getting worse. Keep up with your regular outdoor treatments, and report new concerns as soon as you notice them.

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