Why are Cockroaches Difficult to Exterminate?

17 Sep '21

The saying that cockroaches could survive an apocalypse often seems true. You can stomp them, spray them and try to drown them, but they keep living on. 

Best ways to get rid of cockroach.These annoying bugs can survive higher levels of radiation compared to humans, but they’re not immortal. A bad infestation can be eliminated. 

Knowing what you’re up against makes it possible to take advantage of their weaknesses. 

Can Cockroaches Really Live Without a Head?

The tale of the headless cockroach isn’t a myth. Roaches breathe through small holes in their body. If they lose their head, they’ll eventually die of starvation or dehydration. 

Typically, they dehydrate first and within about a week. Roaches with access to water can survive up to a month without food.

Why Don’t Cockroaches Seem to Drown?

The sight of these brown bugs crawling through a plumbing fixture is hair-raising. 

If you’ve ever wondered how they manage this feat, it is because they can hold their breath for around half an hour under water. Trying to drown one can truly become a test of who can outlast the other.

How Do They Survive Being Stomped On?

With most bugs, a quick stomp with your foot will do the trick. 

Roaches have a unique exoskeleton that is both flexible and strong, The outer part of their body allows them to withstand pressure that amounts to 900 times their body weight. 

Just swatting them with a rolled up piece of paper or flyswatter will likely stun them for a moment. Then, you’ll see them going merrily on their way again.

Why Aren’t Over-the-Counter Sprays Working?

Dead cockroaches after professional pest control treatment.

You can fill a cabinet with cockroach sprays and powders and still find evidence of an infestation. Many over-the-counter sprays aren’t strong enough to affect a roach’s body. 

Over time, some roach species seem to have developed some immunity to the most common products. 

You may also be unable to direct sprays and powders into the tiny cracks and crevices that these pests use to get to their hiding places.

How Come the Roaches Keep Coming Back?

That new roach skittering across the counter is likely not the same one you saw a week ago. 

The cockroach life cycle is built for rapid reproduction. Some female members of a species can reproduce without a male. Others can lay eggs within just a few weeks after they’ve hatched.

An effective roach control method needs to have residual effects. After we spray, our insecticide keeps working to eliminate the newly born bugs before they make new ones. 

What Actually Works?

Professional pest control treatments attack cockroaches in several ways. 

Specially formulated pesticides can break down the waxy surface of the exoskeleton to reach the inner parts of the roach’s body. There, it can affect the roach’s nervous system and disrupt their life cycle. 

Our customized spraying plans also include regular inspections to make sure that no roaches remain.

Once we’ve eliminated the problem, we’ll continue to help you watch out for new roaches. 

Why are Cockroaches Difficult to Exterminate Video


You can also begin using strategies to prevent attracting roaches to your property. Eliminating food and water sources will make your home less inviting to these irritating insects. 

A severe infestation may take a few weeks to fully go away. Following the treatment up with a strong maintenance plan will make sure that they stay gone.



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