Pest Prevention - Best Practices

28 Dec '20

Residential pest control.

Many of the best practices for pest control are ones that you may already have in place. Reviewing these strategies is another opportunity to secure further your residence or commercial property against a pest invasion.

Don’t Give Pests an Opening

Insects and wildlife don’t recognize property boundaries. Instead, they’ll look for the easiest route to gain access to food, water, and a warm place for their nests. Keeping doors and windows sealed is essential for preventing infestations. If you can see a crack or hole, you can assume that pests can make it through. Doing some minor building repairs throughout the year keeps critters outside where they belong.

Maintain Beautiful Landscaping

Tall weeds in the yard.

It just so happens that the things humans find desirable in a lawn are the same features that deter pests. Rodents prefer tall grass that hides their paths, and mosquitoes reproduce in stagnant water. Overgrown branches provide an easy way for pests to reach the roof and exterior walls of a building. Keeping the landscaping trimmed and free of debris means that pests will be less likely to hide out there.

Remove Pest Hiding Spots and Nesting Materials

Cluttered areas are havens for pests that need somewhere to hide from predators. Spiders and cockroaches often hide out around boxes, piles of clothing, and paper trash. Rodents frequently tear up paper, wood, and cardboard to create nests for their young. Reducing these materials on your property gives them fewer places to feel safe.

Clean Up Food and Water Sources

Most people already know to keep food crumbs swept up and out of the pantry shelves. You might still have some less obvious sources of food and water around your property. At home, make sure that pet food is removed once your dog or cat is finished eating. Ants, mice, and other insects sometimes view this as a savory food source. 

Hidden water leaks attract pests. Check around pipes and fixtures to ensure that there aren’t any small leaks that insects or rodents can use to stay hydrated. Outdoor areas that collect rainwater are additional areas that might need remediation to keep dry.

Check Incoming Packages and Furniture for Insects

Pest problems spread quickly when people accidentally transfer them to their property from somewhere else. Bed bugs are notorious for living in used mattresses and couches. Inspecting secondhand items for signs of bugs or eggs can catch this problem early. 

Bed bug in matress.


Pantry pests, such as moths and weevils, are often transported in food packaging. Try to avoid bringing boxes into the building that are damaged. Transferring pantry staples into a covered plastic container is a further measure that you can take to prevent insects from getting to your food.

Act On the Slightest Sign of Pest Activity

The food chain plays a significant role in how fast a pest problem can spread. Larger rodents feed on insects such as cockroaches and ants. This means that an insect issue can quickly spiral into a wildlife problem as well. Addressing minor signs of an infestation early on means that it can be brought under control before more prominent unwanted guests use your property as a food source.


Preventing pests requires constant attention to the current environment at your home or business. With seasonal changes come new threats as pest populations grow and look for resources. Make regular inspections for pest activity a part of your prevention plan, and you’ll know when to use additional control measures.



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