Plants add a touch of beauty to any landscape, yet the desert climate creates challenges for plant health care in Arizona, so that flowers and shrubs stay in top condition.

For the best results, your plant care routine should include several different strategies that all allow the plants on your landscape the opportunity for optimum growth.

Whether you are designing a new landscape or creating a maintenance plan for your current one, you can use these tips to help the plants thrive.

Choose the Right Type of Plants

Cacti and Succulents in Arizona LandscapingOne of the most common mistakes people make is placing the wrong types of plants on their property. Plants should be drought-resistant and capable of growing in high temperatures to survive in Arizona.

Succulents are one of the most common types of plants that you will find growing in desert landscapes, and you can choose these in a variety of different sizes and colors to enhance your property.

While many succulents provide beautiful blooms, you may also choose hardy flowering plants such as the desert marigold to provide more color.

Provide the Proper Elements
for Growth

The low rainfall and lack of humidity in Arizona means that you need to plan to irrigate your plants regularly. Yet, plant health care in Arizona, especially with desert plants, tends to require a different watering schedule than other types.

For instance, succulents do not require watering as frequently as other types, and most desert plant species prefer long, deep watering sessions that are delivered infrequently.

You should also use a plant's requirements for full or partial sun as a guide when determining their location. Placing a low sun plant in direct sunlight can cause it to dry out. If a plant fails to take root or thrive, then soil treatments and fertilization may also be needed to return it to good health.

Control Weeds

Spray for WeedsWeeds pose a significant risk to desirable plants on your landscape because their rapid growth can choke out life in smaller, less hardy species.

Make sure to inspect your landscape regularly for undesirable plants, and remember that some may mimic the look of grass in their early growth stages.

If weeds are found, then choose the proper control method such as hand-pulling or using selective sprays to destroy them before they harm your landscape.

Prevent Damage from Pests

Arizona is home to many types of wildlife and insects that also pose a risk to the plants on your property. Insects, such as caterpillars and moths, frequently invade plant life, and the damage that they cause as they chew through leaves can cause your plants to be unable to sustain the processes that they need to thrive.

Animals, such as deer and rabbits, can also chew up plants until they are completely destroyed.

Regular pest control treatments help to keep insects down on your property, and you can use exclusionary strategies such as fencing to deter animals from tearing up your garden.

Gorgeous succulents and flowering plants enhance the environment and provide an impressive level of beauty to desert landscapes. While it does take work, proper plant health care in Arizona ensures that your landscape is always lush and attractive.

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