Drought Resistant Plants for Arizona Landscaping

22 May '24

Palo Verde Tree - a drought resistant plant in Arizona.

At Custom Weed & Pest Control, we encourage the use of low water usage plants and trees when landscaping in Arizona

Drought resistant plants can thrive in arid climates that have minimal access to water. 

They are particularly useful when designing landscaping for homes in Arizona, where water scarcity is a major concern, especially during the summer and fall. 

Because of their ability to flourish in low-water conditions, irrigation is not necessary, which helps to save water. 

This means you can use these plants to create vibrant landscapes, even during periods of water restrictions or drought. 

Plants that Thrive with Little Water

A lot of homeowners combine different types of drought resistant plants to create unique landscape designs. 

For example, by planting natural flora such as agave, cactus and yucca, you can design a low-care garden that embodies the desert. 

For a Mediterranean landscape, you can combine the aromatic herbs and colorful blooms of lavender, rosemary and sage. 

That's the great thing about these plants! You can plant them in combination or by themselves to create distinctive ambiances and landscapes. 

Drought-Tolerant Shade Trees

In dry climates, the shade produced by drought-tolerant shade trees is priceless. The Palo Verde tree is a common sight in arid environments due to its delicate leaves and unique green trunk. 

Desert willows are visually appealing and functionally useful due to their spectacular blooms and elegant, willow-like leaves. 

Another great option for shade in drought-prone regions is the Texas Mountain Laurel, which is well-known for its fragrant purple flowers and glossy evergreen leaves.

Flowering Trees

Flowering Crape myrtle tree in Arizona.

Planting drought-tolerant flowering trees is a great way to add a splash of color to your property. 

The brilliant yellow flowers of the Desert Museum Palo Verde stand out against the lush greenery of the plant. 

Crape myrtle trees produce an abundance of pink, red, and white blossoms. 

Trees of the Texas Redbud kind produce clusters of pink blossoms every spring.

Privacy Hedges

Several drought-resistant varieties of privacy hedges are available, which is great news for those who want to create private outdoor areas. 

The narrow stem and fan-shaped leaves of the Mediterranean Fan Palm make it an eye-catching and thick hedge. 

Indian Hawthorn offers year-round seclusion and visual appeal with its thick evergreen foliage and fragile white or pink blossoms. 

Rosemary bushes are highly sought-after for their fragrant leaves and blue flowers. They also make great drought-resistant hedges and have culinary uses.

Ground Covers & Shrubs

Filling gaps in landscaping, adding texture and reducing water runoff are all important functions of ground coverings and shrubs. 

Lantana is a common ground cover in dry areas due to its clusters of vivid blooms in yellow, orange and pink. 

The dwarf Yaupon holly is an evergreen shrub that attracts animals with its red berries and requires little care because of its thin, glossy leaves. 

Mexican bush sage is both a drought-resistant beauty and a practical landscaping asset, thanks to its spikes of lavender-blue blooms.

Succulents & Cacti

Aloe Vera, with its unique spiky leaves and well-known therapeutic uses, is an attractive and functional addition to landscapes that often experience low-water conditions. 

Planting barrel cacti in a desert garden will bring out their vibrant blooms and distinctive barrel form. 

Agave plants are eye-catching and dramatic additions, thanks to their pointed, succulent leaves and spectacular rosette forms. 


Drought resistant plants come with numerous advantages, including low maintenance, adaptability, water conservation and cost savings. 

However, regardless of the species you choose to plant, it's essential to take steps to prevent weed overgrowth. 

If you need help with weed and pest control, contact Custom Weed & Pest Control today.

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