How Often Should You Water Your Lawn in Arizona?

02 Dec '21

Watering garden with sprinkler.

Regular watering keeps your Arizona lawn green and lush, but you might be wondering how to know when you’re giving the grass too much of a good thing. 

Should I Water My Lawn Frequently?

It is common for people to think they’ve found the perfect watering schedule only to get hit by a new challenge. Droughts and monsoon season can suddenly cause your lawn to dry out or begin to get soggy, which requires you to change your plans. 

There isn’t a strict rule to follow when it comes to proper watering schedules. Instead, take a look at how the grass grows on your property to figure out how to keep it in top condition.

Get to Know Your Lawn

Bermuda grass is common in Arizona landscapes. This type of grass does best with less frequent but deep watering that encourages root growth. Usually, this means that you’ll water it no more than every three days. 

When you water, make sure that the sprinklers run long enough for the water to soak about six to eight inches into the ground. 

If you have newly seeded grass, water often enough to keep the seeds moist until they sprout. After that, water every two to three days until the lawn is well-established. 

If you overseed in the late fall to early winter, then continue watering until the grass is fully grown in. 

After you water, take a moment to walk around to check for areas that either don’t get enough water or have pools forming. Then, adjust your sprinklers to accommodate these areas. 

In some cases, you might need to manually water areas of the lawn that the sprinklers can’t reach.

Garden sprinkler oscillating.

Know How to Spot Signs of Stress

During seasonal changes, keep an eye out for signs that you need to adjust the watering schedule. 

Under-watered lawns tend to be dry and don’t spring back if you press on the grass. The blades of grass may also take on a lighter hue and look singed from the sun. 

You can use a measuring device to check to see if the water is sinking deep enough into the soil. If the ground is dry several inches down, then you need to water more often.

An overwatered lawn is just as detrimental to the grass. You might notice that the ground is spongy as you walk on it. Mushrooms, fungal spots, weeds and mold might also be evident. 

Watering too much can also strip the ground of nutrients and cause plants and grass to look burned or wilty. You can decrease watering during rainy and cool weather to prevent this from happening.

Pay Attention to Plants

Your watering schedule will also need to take into account the other plants that you have in your landscaping. 

  • Native plants tend to be hardy and capable of surviving dry periods. 

  • Succulents are especially vulnerable to damage if you overwater them. 

  • Other plants, such as new citrus trees, may need to be watered more often. 

If necessary, adjust your sprinklers or manual watering practices to direct water to, or away from, other plants if their needs are different from those of the grass.


Do you feel like you are watering regularly and still not seeing results? There could be other issues occurring with the grass that are hard to identify from the surface. 

Root rot, low nutrients in the soil and grassy weeds can all impact the general health of your lawn. If watering isn’t fixing the problem, then have one of our plant health professional technicians check out the situation to find the right solution to bring your lawn back to life.

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