Tips to Growing Healthy Plants Despite Weather Changes

24 Sep '20

Healthy plants for Arizona - lettuce seedlings

The Arizona climate includes many weather changes that make plant care more challenging. From hot and dry droughts to drenching monsoons and frosty mornings, you might find it hard to know how to help your plants thrive throughout the year.

Choosing hardy plants is a good rule of thumb to follow when you design your landscape. You can also use these methods to keep your trees and plants healthy no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Adjust the Watering Schedule

Watering plants

Hydrated plants are better at surviving extremely hot or cold weather conditions. Watering plants at regular intervals helps to keep the roots and stems strong.

There is a fine art to watering plants appropriately. Each type of plant and tree has specific watering needs. These can change along with the weather.

Scale back your watering schedule during times of heavy rain. Doing this prevents problems such as root rot from developing.

During the winter months, you may need to water in the morning after the sun rises. It gives the water time to be absorbed by the soil. Any water left on the leaves of your plant will also evaporate throughout the day and prevents the plants from freezing overnight.

Use Strategic Planning

During the winter months, the coldest part of the day typically occurs just before the sun rises. You can combat the effect that this has on your plants by placing the most cold-sensitive ones on your lawn's eastern side. It exposes them to more warmth and sunlight as the sun emerges from the East.

The opposite is also true for plants that flounder during the heat. Place these plants on the western side of your garden to reduce their exposure to harsh sun rays.

Keep in mind that every lawn is different. The location of your house and other vegetation affects how the sunlight hits your plants. Spend some time observing how the sunlight hits your yard at different points of the day. Then, design your landscaping accordingly.

Protect Plants With Barriers

Plant covers

Covering plants has several benefits for helping to prevent damage from harsh weather. You can use sheets to protect plants from the cold. Place them over the plants, making sure that they go all the way to the ground. This traps warmth inside the blanket along with humidity. 

It is essential to avoid using plastic sheets because doing so can increase exposure to cold temperatures. Instead, use a frost cloth that is designed for plants. These need to be removed as the temperature warms up.


In the summer, you may need to use shades to prevent leaves from burning in the sun. These should be used as an umbrella. Rather than covering the plant entirely, the goal is to block sunlight while maintaining airflow around the plant.

Use Mulch at the Bases

Putting mulch on plant to prevent damage due to weather changes

Mulch is an all-season product to use in your landscaping. In the summer, mulch helps with water retention to prevent plant bases and roots from drying out. In the winter, it can serve as an additional layer of warmth.

Check the mulch regularly for signs of mold or pest activity, which means it needs to be replaced.

Seasonal weather changes are a good reminder to check in on your plants. Are they showing signs of a struggle despite your best efforts to counteract the damage from weather changes? If so, then our plant and tree health care services can help them make it through the upcoming season.

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