Types of Tree Pruning

30 Dec '20

Tree pruning.

Tree pruning works along with the tree and plant care services that we perform. Some people request pruning to shape their tree to fit their preferences. Others use pruning to encourage growth or remove dead branches.

The goals of tree pruning determine the technique that landscapers use. Knowing more about each type of pruning along with its benefits makes it easier to see how trimming branches impacts other tree care strategies.

Types of Tree Pruning

Crown Cleaning

Pruning to clean tree crown.

This type is a lot like you might envision from the name. A tree crown is an area above the trunk that contains the branches and leaves. Over time, tree branches can die off or become diseased. A dead or severely damaged tree branch can fall at any time. This poses a hazard to roofs and other types of property. People have also been injured from falling dead branches.

With a crown cleaning, the landscaper removes the potentially hazardous branches. This improves the safety of your property. Depending upon the severity of the issue, the landscaper may do a selective cleaning. This leaves the less dangerous damaged branches in place to maintain the appearance of the tree.

We can perform soil testing to identify why a tree has dead branches. If a nutrient is lacking, then we can do deep root fertilization to restore the tree back to health.

Crown Raising

At times, tree growth becomes a problem for people who cannot drive or walk beneath branches that have grown or drooped too low. When this happens, you can arrange to have the lower branches pruned so that the crown begins higher up the trunk. This option helps to keep sidewalks and other walking areas clear for pedestrians. This can also help you to avoid having your tree’s branches rub against parts of your property or get hit by cars when they extend to the street.

Crown Reduction

Pruning to thin out tree crown.

A full crown is desirable for most types of trees, but there comes a point when too much fullness is a problem. Young trees can sometimes experience growth rates that cause them to outgrow their space. Trees that grow too fast may need suppression treatments to divert their energy towards maintaining their health.

With a crown reduction, the tree branches are not completely removed. Instead, the landscaper carefully trims back the ends of tree branches to the main area where growth splits off. A professional pruner carefully selects the branches and points to cut with the intention of maintaining strength. This method allows growth to be focused on the interior portions of the tree. It also keeps the general shape of the crown while making it more resistant to breakage.

A crown reduction can damage the tree if you choose the wrong points to cut. Landscapers rely upon a combination of their scientific knowledge and professional experience to make each cut the most effective.

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Crown Thinning

Sometimes, a tree’s growth is detrimental to its health. The thinning process involves removing branches from a young tree to allow for more air and sunlight to break through the crown. Landscapers focus on taking out weak or overburdened branches first. This procedure has the added benefit of helping the plants below the tree to benefit from increased sun exposure as well.

The need for pruning can sometimes be a sign that it is time to implement new tree care strategies in your landscaping maintenance routine. Dead branches can be a sign that your tree isn’t getting enough nutrients. A tree that grows too fast may need a plant growth regulator treatment. Our tree care professionals can do soil testing and analyze the health of the tree to develop the perfect plan.


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