Signs You are Overwatering Your Plants

25 May '19

watering plantsWatering your plants regularly helps them thrive. New plants are especially sensitive to dry conditions and need to be watered more frequently. Succulents tend to need less water than other types of plants. 

While you may be worried about not giving your plants enough water, you may be giving them more than they need. Be sure to watch for these signs of overwatering so that you don’t harm the plants on your property with too much of a good thing.

Take Note of Water Pooling

The main point of watering plants is to help moisture get to the roots. Too much water on the surface of the soil leads to issues such as rot around stems and trunks. 

Plants may also begin to put down shallow root systems if they can find water on the surface. Shorter roots mean that the plants may not thrive during a period of drought. 

If you see water pooling on the surface as you water, then this means that the soil is likely already waterlogged. You can check the soil by digging an inch or two down. If the soil there is moist, then scale back how much you water.

Look for Unusual Leaf Fall

Most plants drop their leaves during specific seasons, and this usually occurs in the fall. Although an early leaf drop can mean that the plants are not receiving enough water, overwatering can also create this problem. 

If the soil is moist and there are other symptoms present, then try watering less often to save the rest of the leaves.

Worry About Wilting

Wilty leaves that are dry and crumbling signify that a plant is not getting enough water. You will also notice leaves wilting when too much water is being applied. However, a waterlogged plant will have wilting leaves that feel limp and soft. 

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Check Out Changing Colors

Wilting leaves sometimes turn brown, which can look a lot like leaves that are too dry. With an overwatered plant, you will usually see the tip of the leaves turn brown first. You may also notice that overwatered plants have leaves that turn yellow or a lighter shade of green. 

Find the Cause of Blisters

Too much water in a plant fills the cells until they can no longer hold it all. Once water pressure builds up, the plant cells die. This leaves behind blister-like growths on the plant. After the blisters break open, you will see brown, white or tan bumps on the top sides of leaves. 

Watch for Softened Succulents

Succulents are ideal for drought conditions, because they have the ability to store water for long periods of time. However, you must be careful not to overwater them because there is a limited capacity for storage. 

Typically, succulents should have a slightly firm texture to their leaves. If they become mushy or soft, then you may be over watering them.

The signs of overwatering and underwatering plants are often very similar. When you are not sure what is causing problems with your plants, have us check it out. We can help you set up a watering schedule that keeps your plants in top condition, whether you are dealing with monsoon season or a drought.

Custom Weed & Pest Control has been in business since 1989, serving the greater Phoenix metro area for both residential and commercial. We have teamed up with Tree Theory, and offer plant and tree care, with customized service to meet your specific needs.

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