Signs You Need Professional Lawn Care Help

13 Mar '23

Garden in Arizona featuring various types of rocks, stones, and desert plants.Everyone loves a healthy, well-maintained lawn. 

The state of a landscape provides insight into the mind and tastes of a landscape designer, company or property owner. 

It also often adds much-needed greenery and natural hues to suburban and city spaces. 

Unkempt lawns make a property look mismanaged and can imply that a property owner is too busy or careless to make a good first impression. 

How To Know When It's Time To Hire A Lawn Care Professional

Professional lawn care services can easily fix these issues. Yet, how do you know you need lawn care? Our quick-reference guide answers this and other related questions:

#1 Brown Grass

Grass typically turns brown because of too much sunlight and heat and reduced water access or drought. 

That said, pests and weeds can also have this type of adverse impact on your lawn. Pests introduce diseases to lawns that cause damage. 

They also often use up water and nutrients like potassium. Weeds choke roots and tap into precious resources that green grass needs to stay lush. 

#2 Overgrown Landscape

Overgrown plants in an area are more than unsightly. They use up too much water and nutrients in soil. 

They also allow pests and weeds to have a safe space to hide or a bridge to homes and other structures. 

A professional company can safely remove pests and weeds and give the landscape curbside appeal.

#3 Outdated Landscape

You never know when you might want to sell your home. An updated landscape that blends with the neighborhood can increase the value of your property. 

Lawn care specialists stay up to date with the latest landscaping design trends. 

They can also make recommendations based on modern environmental concerns, such as soil erosion and water usage.

Lawn with brown areas, indicating that it requires professional lawn care assistance.

#4 Too Busy to Do It Yourself

There is no reason that anyone should ever have an overgrown or poorly maintained lawn. 

Landscapers and similar professionals have the knowledge and tools to quickly and affordably maintain any lawn. 

Professional landscaping service can keep your lawn looking its best even when you need to work long hours or go out of town. 

#5 Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Compact soil prevents grass and other plants from receiving fertilizer, water and even air at the root level. Aeration improves nutrient transfer. 

It also helps storm water drain faster and more evenly so that no standing pools develop that turn a lawn into a mushy, moldy nightmare that attracts mosquitoes and other pests. 

Before you hire a lawn care professional, it's important to check if they know how to properly aerate a lawn.

#6 Seeing Pests in Your Lawn

Most people loathe finding ants, termites and other creepy crawlies inside their homes and offices. 

If you see pests in your lawn, then it's definitely time to seek a professional pest control company. Pests always find a way into structures on a property.

After they've spread indoors, you can expect expensive, time-consuming remediation efforts to kill them and set up barriers against future invasions.

#7 Weeds Sprouting Everywhere

Weeds are prolific spreaders adapted to survive harsh conditions. 

When you maintain your lawn and keep weed growth down, you're guaranteeing that seeds from weeds aren't spreading throughout your landscape into flower beds and boxes, vegetable and fruit gardens, and mulched areas.



When your lawn needs some professional assistance, look no further than Custom Weed and Pest Control. 

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