Stinknet: What It Is and What To Do About It

18 Sep '23

Stinknet - an invasive weed in Arizona.

Buffelgrass isn’t the only invasive weed that is causing a stink this season. In Arizona, stinknet is a growing problem that places everyone’s property at risk. 

The weed is also referred to as Globe Chamomile, and it’s bright yellow flowers make it seem harmless. But, the fast-spreading weed poses a risk for wildfires when the plant dries out.

Large swaths of this weed can also choke out desirable plants. Spreading the word about stinknet to everyone in the Phoenix area is critical for controlling this invasive weed.

What Is Stinknet?

The plant has bright yellow or gold flower heads that make it appear to be innocent wildflowers. These flowers look like globes that are about one-inch wide. The leaves on the plant look a lot like the ones you see on carrots.

If you happen to crush the foliage, then you might notice a noxious odor. Some people claim that the smell resembles the stench of turpentine. But, it’s better to avoid getting too close. The plant is known for causing both respiratory and skin-related allergic reactions. 

Stinknet in the streets of Arizona.

Why Is the Stinknet Weed Considered Invasive?

An invasive plant is one that isn’t native to the area. Invasive species also pose a risk for causing harm to the environment. Plants that fall into this category can also cause problems for human health.

Stinknet is native to South Africa, which means the local environment doesn’t have the proper conditions to handle its growth. Since the plant is fast-growing, it has quickly begun to overtake the native landscaping where it springs up.

As pretty as the flowers might be, the plant is toxic to humans. The dried up plants also serve as fuel for flash fires that can be hard to control. The current recommendation is to quickly eliminate this weed to prevent further damage to the state’s landscape.

How to Effectively Rid Your Landscaping of Stinknet

The most effective way to eliminate this invasive weed is by removing or killing it before it produces seeds. You can manually remove small numbers of this plant if you catch it early. Pulling a brand new weed or two in your landscaping can stop more from spreading. 

Early removal is critical for success with controlling the plant. If stinknet becomes well-established, then chemical control is necessary. The most effective pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides for this plant require application by one of our trained technicians.

Some stinknet infestations may require multiple chemical applications to fully eliminate the problem. If you notice new weeds arrive after the initial application, call us - our work is guaranteed.

With everyone’s help, it is possible to stop the spread of noxious weeds and protect everyone’s property.


Stinknet is a growing problem in Phoenix and the surrounding areas that plagues both commercial and residential property owners. Since it is an invasive species, prompt action is required to stop it from taking over the landscaping. Being vigilant to detect new plants and plan for effective treatment can help prevent wildfires and preserve human health.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

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