The Challenges of Spring Pest Control Treatment

26 May '22

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Have you noticed that everything seems to be coming up roses this spring? The weather might be on the warmer side, but we’ve been loving the opportunity to get outside and enjoy time with our family and friends.

Tips to Keep Pests Away in the Spring

This season, we’ve already noticed a few challenges with pest control treatments. The hot temperatures are driving more insects inside. Many insects are also working hard to get their outdoor nests and colonies established before the summer.

If you’ve found that dealing with bugs and critters is shaping up to be a big job this season, then you can rest assured that we’ve got solutions for these common challenges.

Spring Weather Can Impact Spraying

Fickle spring weather can quickly ruin your best-laid plans. Every season, we get calls from people who tried a DIY spray treatment only to find that the rain washed it all away. Or, you might be worried about having spray fly back in your face on a windy day.

We plan our pest control treatments around the weather. On top of protecting you from being hit with overspray, we do monthly spraying with residual effects that keep working for a long time. 

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Food Safety Is a Concern for Gardeners

Don’t you just love the feeling that you get when you put your homegrown produce on the table? Gardening is a great way to improve your health, but you might have concerns about spraying for bugs around your favorite food source.

Spraying for pests is an important way to make sure your garden yields a good harvest. We know how to spray safely in yards where you plan to take your produce from the garden to the table.

Some Common Pests Are Hard to Identify

Bees are one of nature’s wonderful pollinators, and you might prefer not to contribute to their demise as long as they aren’t bothering you.

Wasps tend to be a different story, and most people prefer to eliminate these aggressive bugs before they give a painful sting. Making sure that you’ve correctly identified an insect is critical for protecting the environment and your family.

Pests Are Rapidly Reproducing

Did you know that mosquito eggs can survive drying out for as long as eight months in warm climates? That’s right! Last year’s mosquito problem can come back double time during the spring.

Mosquitoes aren’t the only insects that are hard at work. Ants, fleas and ticks are also rapidly reproducing right now. If you find that a problem keeps returning, you might need multiple treatments to attack the newly hatched bugs.


Kid and Pet Play Areas Are a Concern

You might not think twice about spraying an area on your landscape that no one ever accesses, but things take a different turn once you have kids or pets in your yard.

On top of choosing the safest spray possible for your family, our technicians can walk you through what you can do to decrease your concerns. We often recommend putting pet bowls and toys out of the way of our perimeter treatments.

We’ll also let you know how long to wait to let those bundles of energy outside to play. Usually, you just need to wait for the treatment to dry, and you’ll feel better knowing your kids and pets aren’t exposed to spiders and ticks.


Life might be brighter during the spring, but pest problems can be a real thorn in your side. This season, don’t let your backyard barbecue get ruined by ants or mosquitoes. 

We’ve got solutions to overcome any challenge so that you can get back to doing what you do best-enjoying that fresh air and sunshine.

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