Water Conservation Tips for Arizona Lawns

21 Jul '22

Watering system.

There are two good reasons why you should conserve water: money and care for the environment. Presently, homeowners are becoming more concerned about the environment, which in return will produce a lower water bill. 

How to Save Water in Arizona

Using less water is not always easy. When plants and a grass lawn don’t receive enough moisture, they will turn brown, wilt and die. It can result in costly lawn restoration. 

To conserve water on an Arizona lawn, a homeowner should get the most of the water used - using less and reusing water. Here are 5 methods on how to achieve this. 

#1 Reduce Water Waste By Using Smart Watering Systems

Watering systems can prevent water waste. Unlike the traditional controllers, smart irrigation systems operate on a pre-set program. It dispenses water depending on the weather, the condition of the soil, evaporation and plant water used. 

It adjusts the watering schedule based on the actual condition of the lawn. These systems help save money, as they prevent overwatering. Some even have apps where you can monitor and control the system from your smartphone.

#2 Regularly Check Irrigation System for Leaks 

This is an obvious tip, however it’s worth mentioning. One of the serious problems of irrigation systems are water leaks, which can happen even when the sprinklers are off. 

When an underground line is broken, small amounts of water can be pumped into the soil without you noticing it. When the leak grows bigger, over time it can lead to massive water loss. Contact a professional landscaping company to check your irrigation from time to time. The sprinkler heads and lines should be regularly checked for leaks. 

#3 Use Mulch and Rocks to Conserve Water

Mulch and rocks, when installed correctly, can prevent the soil beneath the plants from drying up. This means requiring less water for your lawn, plus they add to the look of your landscaping. 

Arizona garden.

#4 Mow Grass to the Correct Height

Mowing your grass to the correct height is one way to save water. Mowing guidelines vary from one region to another. But typically, a slightly “higher” mow will allow a deeper root system to develop. When the roots reach deeper, the less water they require to thrive. Mowing too short can result in the grass needing more water to live, as more water evaporates from the soil. 


#5 Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Aerated

When you aerate your lawn and add a layer of quality compost, it will lessen the compaction and add organic matter into the soil. There will be an increase in the holding capacity of moisture, especially in sandy areas that drain water quickly.

Always watch out for weeds sprouting on your lawn and check out recommended early weed control tips before they spread out and making your lawn look unattractive.

The arid desert climate in Arizona makes it necessary for you to learn about water conservation and much attention to your water usage for your home lawn. 

You can adapt the watering of your lawn very early in the morning or late in the evening; by doing this, water will not quickly evaporate due to the hot sun. Eventually, you will be able to conserve water and still have a beautiful and healthy lawn.

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