Are Weed Killers Safe for Your Pets?

10 Feb '21

Dog playing in the yard.

Letting your pet out into the yard to play should always be safe. As a pet owner, you might naturally hesitate at the thought of putting chemicals on your lawn. After all, your pet likely spends many hours outside each week, and they lack the ability to recognize chemical dangers. 

Weed killers can sometimes be dangerous for pets, but there are ways to get a weed-free yard without putting your favorite animal in harm’s way.

Pet-Friendly Weed Control Guidelines 

Avoid Using Chemical Sprays Incorrectly

Professional weed control treatment.

Trying to do a weed treatment yourself can lead to several problems for your pet. Many sprays that you’ll find in your local home and gardening store have chemicals with side effects for humans and animals that most people aren’t familiar with. 

Using a spray incorrectly is another issue that can harm your pet. Some sprays need to be diluted, and getting the ratio wrong could cause it to be too strong. Professional spraying eliminates this concern because our technicians are trained to know exactly what is in a weed killer along with the proper application method.

Ask If Natural Sprays Are an Option

Natural and organic weed killers are safer for pets, but they aren’t always as effective. For example, many natural weed killers contain citrus oils or vinegar that are designed to break down the waxy layer of the leaves so that the plant dehydrates. While this can work, it is only effective on plants that have already made their way out of the ground. If your goal is to prevent weeds completely, then you may need to try a stronger option.

Consider Keep Weeds at Bay With Soil Treatments

Soil treatments are another form of treating weeds that might be safer for your pet. Depending upon the types of weeds in your yard, we might be able to adjust the alkalinity of the soil to stop them from growing. This method can be beneficial for the other plants in your home’s landscaping as well.


Take Steps to Protect Your Pet 

Chemical weed sprays still remain one of the most effective ways to get undesirable plants out of your yard. Fortunately, there are several things that we can do to help minimize the risk for your pet. Before your treatment appointment, remove your pet’s toys along with their food and water bowls from the area. You’ll also want to keep your pet inside during the treatment and for one to two hours after we leave. Before you let your pet out, make sure that all of the treated areas are dry to be extra safe.

Benefits of a Weed-Free Yard for Your Pet

Spraying for weeds can actually increase your pet’s safety at home. Fleas and ticks love overgrown lawns that are filled with weeds that give them a place to hide. Eliminating weeds can help to keep these types of pest problems down. 

Some weeds are poisonous to pets. Jimson weed is toxic to dogs. Some types of weeds have burs or needle-like parts that irritate an animal’s skin and fur. Foxtails, speargrass and burclover are a few common Arizona weeds that are worth spraying for to prevent your pet from being sick or in pain.

Foxtail weed - a dangerous weed for dogs.

When it comes to keeping your pet safe, you can’t be too careful. Let us know if you have a pet that spends time outside. We’ll give you our professional advice for a pet-friendly weed control plan that will keep your lawn in perfect condition and keep your pets safe.

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